TL/DR – Chatlog from August 14, 2008 SLCC

I was present during the Avatar Identity panel at SLCC 2011… A panel which received threats from Kalel of the Justice League Unlimited.  So… There were “technical” problems. (=_=)

Anyway, here’s the video for those who ain’t seen it yet. =^-^=

I spent a loooong time waiting for that video to come out. DX

Either way, there it is. =^-^=

I’d say the panel was quite successful in spite of the JLU’s threats… But, I guess a lot of things go that way in SL… In spite of the JLU’s threats! XD

Now, Pixeleen is making available her side of the story on the Alphaville Herald.  You can find it here. (^_^)

In a way, I waited for Pix to say anything before I said something and I assume Pix was probably willing to let it pass.  That is, until the Justice League, Kalel Venkman, Zip Pas, and GreenLantern Excelsior got all wound up in forum dramaz over a datamining project by the JLU a-la RedZone. (=_=)

Since then, much of the Justice League has been retreating to hiding places with their tails between their legs.  They won’t directly answer questions.  They been persistently contradicting each other when they do speak up.  Really, cowering like any other fraud under investigation. =^-^=

So, anyway, TL/DR… Here is the chatlog of the inworld SLCC 2011 panel… Expect really ugly formatting. XD

Avatar Identity: Privacy and Transparency in Social Media

[2011/08/14 14:31]  Second Life: Teleport completed from

[2011/08/14 14:32]  Object: whispers: A landmark to this destination has been placed in your inventory.

[2011/08/14 14:32]  Second Life: You decline ‘SLCC 11 – MOMA – Artistic & Creative , Social  & Communities’  ( ) from <nolink>Object</nolink>.

[2011/08/14 14:32]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Helloo!!

[2011/08/14 14:32]  It’s a good topic.

[2011/08/14 14:32]  hello, IMno

[2011/08/14 14:32]  Hi! Immy!

[2011/08/14 14:32]  Gentle Heron: We had a great discussion about this at NonProfit Commons meeting last Friday.

[2011/08/14 14:33]  Devon Alderton: are you in the room in Oakland by chance?

[2011/08/14 14:33]  should have a anthropolgist there

[2011/08/14 14:33]  ZHAOII – Immy: Typing animation disabled.

[2011/08/14 14:33]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): I’m in Oakland. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 14:33]  Gentle Heron: We’ve been trying to tell LL they need an anthropologist, a sociologist, and a community management person (NOT an online community manager type though)

[2011/08/14 14:34]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: gentle, with Tom Bukowski?

[2011/08/14 14:34]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: agree

[2011/08/14 14:34]  Nyx Ivory: Agreed, Gentle!!

[2011/08/14 14:34]  hello everyone

[2011/08/14 14:34]  Devon Alderton: Tamy!

[2011/08/14 14:34]  Tammy Nowotny: is it just me or is there no video on the prim?

[2011/08/14 14:35]  Tammy Nowotny: I cdn’t make it to Oakland

[2011/08/14 14:35]  not just you Tammy

[2011/08/14 14:35]  Gentle Heron: no video, and no UStream either ,Tammy

[2011/08/14 14:35]  Nyx Ivory: yay Immy counting on you for the inside scoop

[2011/08/14 14:35]  Devon Alderton: there is no video. we are waiting for any word from someone in Oakland about what is going on

[2011/08/14 14:35]  Devon Alderton: but….if we don’t hear, we can have our own chat…..if only someone in Oakland was here in world

[2011/08/14 14:35]  susan Yven: slcc3 is running but not sure what topic

[2011/08/14 14:35]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): No audio? (o.o)

[2011/08/14 14:35]  Pygar Bu: no audio or video

[2011/08/14 14:35]  Nyx Ivory: feeling like Pavlov’s dog on the refresh button

[2011/08/14 14:35]  Devon Alderton: not hearing anything here

[2011/08/14 14:36]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): There won’t be a stream. It’s a long story. (._.)

[2011/08/14 14:36]  Devon Alderton: okay. but….can we have some interaction?

[2011/08/14 14:36]  thanks Immy

[2011/08/14 14:36]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Long story short, blame JLU. (>_<)

[2011/08/14 14:36]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: stream one or 2 we should be seeing?

[2011/08/14 14:36]  Gentle Heron: You’re in Oakland, Immy?

[2011/08/14 14:36]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: hmm

[2011/08/14 14:36]  Calliope Novaland: hello Oakland?

[2011/08/14 14:36]  Salazar Jack: Thanks, Immy.

[2011/08/14 14:36]  Devon Alderton: ah, but ….can you tell us what is going on..who is talking?

[2011/08/14 14:37]  Nyx Ivory: oh dear :-/

[2011/08/14 14:37]  Calliope Novaland: JLU?

[2011/08/14 14:37]  Devon Alderton: give us a brief synopsis as it happens? I know you type fast. ;-)

[2011/08/14 14:37]  Hitomi Tiponi: hihi

[2011/08/14 14:37]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Yeah. I’m here now. They’re introducing Marianne McCann, Pixelene. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 14:37]  Stacia Reinoir: the justice league interfered?

[2011/08/14 14:37]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Yeah. DX

[2011/08/14 14:37]  Pygar Bu: Pygar Bu smiles

[2011/08/14 14:37]  Devon Alderton: yay! Marianne! Yay! Pix!

[2011/08/14 14:38]  Devon Alderton: Does Pix really have red hair?

[2011/08/14 14:38]  lol

[2011/08/14 14:38]  Calliope Novaland: Oaklandsays no stream for this??

[2011/08/14 14:38]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Heh. Well, there is hair. XD

[2011/08/14 14:38]  Ceorl Onlyone: not even voice?

[2011/08/14 14:38]  Devon Alderton: or her typist? is he really short?

[2011/08/14 14:38]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): No stream. (>_<)

[2011/08/14 14:38]  Devon Alderton: is there a good crowd? tell us who is there in the audience

[2011/08/14 14:38]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Pix is taller than me. =^-^=

[2011/08/14 14:39]  Devon Alderton: hahah

[2011/08/14 14:39]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Full room. Though, Can’t say I recognize anyone. But, there is a neko! XD

[2011/08/14 14:39]  Calliope Novaland: sad

[2011/08/14 14:39]  Devon Alderton: who is talking first?

[2011/08/14 14:40]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Hiro is reflecting on how European media literacy education reccomends online anonymity. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 14:40]  Pygar Bu: Pygar Bu smiles big

[2011/08/14 14:40]  Devon Alderton: Cool. clearly Google is not European.

[2011/08/14 14:40]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Also how he’s quite ticked at G+. (>_<)

[2011/08/14 14:40]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Yeah. (._.)

[2011/08/14 14:40]  Devon Alderton: Killua, honey, you are making me dizzy.

[2011/08/14 14:41]  erikbortulussi: oi quem fala minha lingua

[2011/08/14 14:41]  Pygar Bu: Pygar Bu read Tateru’s post on the latest from G+

[2011/08/14 14:41]  Devon Alderton: come sit with us up here

[2011/08/14 14:41]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Mari just AR’d Hiro for saying F**k. XD

[2011/08/14 14:41]  Pygar Bu: ~*~!Woooo HAHAHA!!~*~!

[2011/08/14 14:41]  Devon Alderton: haha

[2011/08/14 14:41]  Devon Alderton: is Mari the moderator?

[2011/08/14 14:41]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Referring to the soccer coment that Rod included in his speech yesterday.

[2011/08/14 14:42]  Pygar Bu: General-rated region, it fits

[2011/08/14 14:42]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): No mod. Just a panel. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 14:42]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Hiro is expressing his support for anonymity in spite of his personal choice to reveal himself. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 14:43]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: thanks for doing this Immy

[2011/08/14 14:43]  Ceorl Onlyone: most who like anonymity or pseudonimity have no objection to choice :)

[2011/08/14 14:43]  Devon Alderton: Hiya, bevan!

[2011/08/14 14:43]  Gentle Heron: Hi Bevan. There’s no stream, so Izzy is narrating

[2011/08/14 14:43]  hi!

[2011/08/14 14:43]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): “It doesn’t take away the validity of the story no matter what their name is.” (^_^)

[2011/08/14 14:43]  Bevan Whitfield: ty Gentle :-)

[2011/08/14 14:43]  Devon Alderton: no stream..but Immy is doing a great job of synopsizing for us

[2011/08/14 14:43]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): iSkye sends Immy a HUGE hug of thanks :)

[2011/08/14 14:43]  Bevan Whitfield: ty Immy :-)

[2011/08/14 14:44]  Devon Alderton: hi, iSkye!

[2011/08/14 14:44]  Ceorl Onlyone: thx Immy :)

[2011/08/14 14:44]  Pygar Bu: yes, thanks!

[2011/08/14 14:44]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Mari is speaking now, reflecting on how she holds a Facebook and G+ page as a chosen second identity. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 14:44]  Devon Alderton: real and SL?

[2011/08/14 14:45]  Devon Alderton: two of each?

[2011/08/14 14:45]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): She also has no faith that G+ will let anyone have their name, regardless how real. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 14:45]  Gentle Heron: She has an SL identity on Facebook?

[2011/08/14 14:45]  Tammy Nowotny: I tweet under both my SL & RL identities

[2011/08/14 14:45]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): She likes to keep both lives separate. Second Lifeâ„¢ for SL, RL for RL. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 14:45]  Devon Alderton: in one account, Tammy?

[2011/08/14 14:46]  Nyx Ivory: here’s where we really need the back channel

[2011/08/14 14:46]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Contexts between the two ways she chooses to be, Second Lifeâ„¢ and Real Life don’t mesh well. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 14:46]  Devon Alderton: Bevan helped me pick this identity because VWBPE required disclosure one year

[2011/08/14 14:46]  Tammy Nowotny: no, definitely not

[2011/08/14 14:46]  Tammy Nowotny: my RL self sends much duller tweets

[2011/08/14 14:46]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): Metanomics Chatbridge was great for that in their weekly broadcasts

[2011/08/14 14:46]  Devon Alderton: me, too, Tammy

[2011/08/14 14:46]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Mix is speaking about learning what it’s been like to be the mouthy little redhead who knows about sailing abit. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 14:47]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Pix, not Mix. XD

[2011/08/14 14:47]  Devon Alderton: mouthy. ha!

[2011/08/14 14:47]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): “mouthy little redhead” *grin*

[2011/08/14 14:47]  Gentle Heron: Note: Mix = Pixelene

[2011/08/14 14:47]  Bevan Whitfield: :-)

[2011/08/14 14:48]  Kara (irresistible.charisma): whats the URL?

[2011/08/14 14:48]  Devon Alderton: Irresistible, there is no stream

[2011/08/14 14:48]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Mixing things (RL and SL) together may be good for the dataminders, but, it’s rarely convenient for the end user”. Pix. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 14:48]  Gentle Heron: There’s no stream, sorry.

[2011/08/14 14:48]  Kara (irresistible.charisma): why not?

[2011/08/14 14:48]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Long story. (._.)

[2011/08/14 14:48]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): “technical issues”

[2011/08/14 14:48]  Salazar Jack: I tripped over the cord…

[2011/08/14 14:48]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): XD

[2011/08/14 14:49]  Salazar Jack: Food trays were involved.

[2011/08/14 14:49]  Devon Alderton: Being forced to disclose is very different from disclosing voluntarily

[2011/08/14 14:49]  Nyx Ivory: :-) Salazar – FTW

[2011/08/14 14:49]  Gentle Heron: agreed Devon

[2011/08/14 14:49]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): Hear, hear, Devon!!

[2011/08/14 14:49]  Gentle Heron: as we said in the Linden panel discussion, it’s all about options.

[2011/08/14 14:49]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): The’re talking about the culture that focuses on too much sense of “status” for people to trust people who choose alternate names. (>_<)

[2011/08/14 14:50]  Devon Alderton: I didn’t have anything invested in Devon and had to disclose up front.

[2011/08/14 14:50]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: after recent things governments get twitchy at avatars wihout rl name behind it

[2011/08/14 14:50]  Devon Alderton: yes..that need to protect your privelege when you come into a world that values competence

[2011/08/14 14:50]  Nyx Ivory: Leon’s referring to UK riots

[2011/08/14 14:50]  Devon Alderton: oh..Leon…except when they want you to call the anonymous tip line and turn in criminals…or your neighbors

[2011/08/14 14:51]  Devon Alderton: our oldest democracies are spiraling towards repression faster and faster

[2011/08/14 14:51]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): “Lady Gaga’s Google+ page seems just fine [in spite of her pseudonym]” (^_^)

[2011/08/14 14:51]  Nyx Ivory: Nyx Ivory nods at Devon

[2011/08/14 14:51]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: and then they would prefer u wasnt annonymous but know u wouldnt phone otherwise

[2011/08/14 14:51]  Nyx Ivory: the lack of consistency from G+ is maddening

[2011/08/14 14:51]  Pygar Bu: ‘s funny, we all start with the same tools here, it is all about what we do with them

[2011/08/14 14:51]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): I see people being marginalised once their RL information is revealed in association with that avatars, and that’s just not fair to people

[2011/08/14 14:51]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Hiro expexts Google’s approach to be bound to backfire on them. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 14:52]  Devon Alderton: heaven forbid G offend the monsters

[2011/08/14 14:52]  Ceorl Onlyone: a question for the panel Immy if you can pass it along, what are the most promising options for having a private online life these days?

[2011/08/14 14:52]  Salazar Jack: Good point, Pygar!

[2011/08/14 14:52]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): “It’s insane! It’s tone deaf!” – Hiro. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 14:52]  Nyx Ivory: good one, Ceorl! way to spin positive

[2011/08/14 14:52]  Devon Alderton: indeed….

[2011/08/14 14:52]  Ceorl Onlyone: thx Nyx, yes we all know it is a minefield out there :)

[2011/08/14 14:53]  Devon Alderton: Yes, Pygar.

[2011/08/14 14:53]  Nyx Ivory: and good point from Pygar – about leveling the field

[2011/08/14 14:53]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: no rson why avis have to be publicly linked to rl people solong as tracable if needed for security issues

[2011/08/14 14:53]  Devon Alderton: but it’s two approaches. the approach of be a passive consumer of entertainment …shopping, music, dj’s, machinima….

[2011/08/14 14:54]  Salazar Jack: Wry tweet from @ZeMoo… “@meta_verse @zero @gwenners No livestream from the #SLCC Privacy & Transparancy debate @SLCC for #Privacy reasons i guess… Thumbs up! .)”

[2011/08/14 14:54]  Pygar Bu: heh!

[2011/08/14 14:54]  Ceorl Onlyone: haha :)

[2011/08/14 14:54]  Nyx Ivory: *snort* :-D

[2011/08/14 14:54]  Devon Alderton: notice machinima makers stand apart and watch…or set up the stage and film it

[2011/08/14 14:54]  Devon Alderton: and the approach of come in, get competent, build, hack the culture. for that, you need privacy

[2011/08/14 14:55]  Devon Alderton: active participants need privacy.

[2011/08/14 14:55]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): Agree with Devon there

[2011/08/14 14:55]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): “Twitter doesn’t give a d**n about what you say your name is” – Yoz Linden. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 14:55]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: the push to sell us stuff what makes them want us publicly linked to rl :-/

[2011/08/14 14:55]  Pygar Bu: Pygar Bu smiles

[2011/08/14 14:55]  Salazar Jack: Salazar Jack claps

[2011/08/14 14:55]  Devon Alderton: yes..and how many of us use google for alt identities?

[2011/08/14 14:55]  Devon Alderton: indeed, Leon

[2011/08/14 14:56]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): well…..they make money OFF of our information

[2011/08/14 14:56]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): which burns my butt because it’s MY information

[2011/08/14 14:56]  Devon Alderton: yes….

[2011/08/14 14:56]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): why do THEY get the money?

[2011/08/14 14:56]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: they came pretty quick with patriot bill but doubt as quick other way round when public want privacy

[2011/08/14 14:56]  Pygar Bu: I opened a G+ acct for this avie – I don’t do much there, except read Crap’s 100 word stories.. :-)

[2011/08/14 14:57]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Fleep is mentioning her duration on Google mail and why her account of over 5 years now has to be modified for a service introduced nearly a month agi. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 14:57]  Devon Alderton: indeed, Leon….

[2011/08/14 14:57]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): @Leon: good point

[2011/08/14 14:57]  Devon Alderton: yes, good point Fleep

[2011/08/14 14:57]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Remember, Crap’s RL account name “Lawrence” got suspended. XD

[2011/08/14 14:57]  Nyx Ivory: here too Pygar – gotta admit i like the interface tho – not nearly as maddening as Facebook

[2011/08/14 14:57]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): how ironic that they believed his “crap” name more than his “lawrence” one

[2011/08/14 14:57]  Devon Alderton: and..there’s no going back. acc Google, once you “upgrade” to G +, if you undo it, you lose some functionality but they won’t tell you what exaclty

[2011/08/14 14:58]  Pygar Bu: yes!

[2011/08/14 14:58]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): “Owning an Android phone without a Google account is basically worthless” – name unknown. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 14:58]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: was a bit freeky when i wrote an email about going to dentist then google gave me a pile of toothpaste ads lol

[2011/08/14 14:58]  Devon Alderton: Skud said she lost some google group functions

[2011/08/14 14:58]  Devon Alderton: think it was Skud…*laughs*

[2011/08/14 14:58]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): suppose if we lose google emails we can just go trooping back to yahoo… :P

[2011/08/14 14:59]  Nyx Ivory: Google following the Mac model of trying to create dependant drones

[2011/08/14 14:59]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): “In English doesn’t have two words for “Free” like Germany does. Free beer and freedom are practically synonymous.” – Name Unknown. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 14:59]  Ceorl Onlyone: I quit G+ myself rather than being banned, and so far Gmail, Docs, Calendar seem intact

[2011/08/14 14:59]  Tammy Nowotny: I rented a Rug Doctor, googled the users manual & got Rug Dioctor ads for days thereafter

[2011/08/14 14:59]  Devon Alderton: thanks, Ceorl. but for how long?

[2011/08/14 14:59]  Pygar Bu: they seem to be slightyly separate

[2011/08/14 14:59]  Ceorl Onlyone: right

[2011/08/14 14:59]  Ceorl Onlyone: right

[2011/08/14 14:59]  Ceorl Onlyone: no guarantees of the future of course

[2011/08/14 14:59]  Ceorl Onlyone: that is the worry, I no longer believe

[2011/08/14 15:00]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): “You can have your pseudonym hijacked” – Stroker Serpentine. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 15:00]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): Being deaf, I’m a very visual person – I’ve become quite skilled at *not* seeing the ads now

[2011/08/14 15:00]  Pygar Bu: ha!

[2011/08/14 15:00]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Such events have happened to Stroker in the past. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 15:01]  Hitomi Tiponi: can understand that with someone high prrofile like Stroker

[2011/08/14 15:01]  Devon Alderton: Stroker there, too?

[2011/08/14 15:01]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): “I made a couple of the [fake] Hamlets [on Avatars United] just to see if it was possible” – Pix. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 15:01]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Yeah. 4 seats to my left. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 15:01]  Pygar Bu: Pygar Bu snorts

[2011/08/14 15:01]  Hitomi Tiponi: bet they were more interesting than the real one

[2011/08/14 15:01]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): awesome

[2011/08/14 15:02]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): ** Keep in mind, I’m trying to find the highlights of a rather lively conversation. I’m trying to be as accurate as possible but I may be making mistakes. ** (^_^)

[2011/08/14 15:02]  Salazar Jack: Tweet from Yoz Linden: “Am at the #SLCC Privacy & Identity panel. Several of my personas have been looking forward to this one. #slcc11 #PaintingABigTargetOnMySelf”

[2011/08/14 15:02]  Pygar Bu: haha!!

[2011/08/14 15:02]  Nyx Ivory: in the physical world been fighting an ongoing battle protecting a “celebrity” with scads of fakers

[2011/08/14 15:02]  Ceorl Onlyone: we appreciate the effort Immy :)

[2011/08/14 15:02]  Devon Alderton: I liked SaveMe Oh’s experiment with replicating her persona

[2011/08/14 15:02]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): Haha Yoz!

[2011/08/14 15:02]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: hear u nyx

[2011/08/14 15:02]  Nyx Ivory: doing great Immy

[2011/08/14 15:03]  Devon Alderton: Devon Alderton looks around….sighs.

[2011/08/14 15:03]  Nyx Ivory: this is actually the liveliest panel so far this conference

[2011/08/14 15:03]  Gentle Heron: I know how hard a job this is, Immy, and I thank you. It’s interesting being on the receiving end when I’m usually the one doing the transcription.

[2011/08/14 15:03]  Devon Alderton: Devon Alderton salutes Gentle.

[2011/08/14 15:03]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): One in the crowd, unknown name, is listing off the possible excuses that providers will make for demanding legal names for the sake of legal accountability. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 15:04]  Ceorl Onlyone: it was good to hear Rodvik speak out for privacy too, reassuring

[2011/08/14 15:04]  Pygar Bu: ty, Sal for keeping us up on tweets too

[2011/08/14 15:04]  Salazar Jack: Salazar Jack shoots pistol fingers at Pygar

[2011/08/14 15:04]  Devon Alderton: Ha! Immy, we’ve heard them all before!

[2011/08/14 15:04]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): Rod continues to give me hope that he *gets it* about SL and avatars and privacy

[2011/08/14 15:05]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): “There’s a real good reason why the Alphaville Herald is hosted by Dream host. They don’t roll over [and compromise privacy] easily” – Pix. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 15:05]  Salazar Jack: This streamis working…

[2011/08/14 15:05]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): NICE! XD

[2011/08/14 15:05]  Pygar Bu: we build reputations in all worlds, that’s a better identifier than anything i can think of

[2011/08/14 15:05]  Devon Alderton: is it this session, Sal?

[2011/08/14 15:05]  Ceorl Onlyone: nope, Relay for Life

[2011/08/14 15:05]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): DX

[2011/08/14 15:05]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): Note to self: Dreamhost as hosting provider…

[2011/08/14 15:06]  Salazar Jack: Not our stream.. just one that was working..

[2011/08/14 15:06]  Devon Alderton: hmmm…iSkye, i think we need non-free email accounts

[2011/08/14 15:06]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): that’s one drawback

[2011/08/14 15:06]  Devon Alderton: maybe toolsjam needs to work on that

[2011/08/14 15:06]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): on what, non-free email accounts?

[2011/08/14 15:06]  Devon Alderton: yes…

[2011/08/14 15:07]  Ceorl Onlyone: as the lines are drawn around privacy policies more clearly, it will be an opportunity for those who choose to respect privacy

[2011/08/14 15:07]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): I have a paid mail service over GoDaddy. 10 accounts and my own .com domain. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 15:07]  Devon Alderton: nice, Immy. roughly how much does it cost?

[2011/08/14 15:07]  Ceorl Onlyone: at the moment, there is still a glimmer of hope that Google will smarten up, but dwindling fast

[2011/08/14 15:07]  Salazar Jack: That was my thought with rodvik’s comments regarding privacy… maybe SL is making a play for the other audience.

[2011/08/14 15:07]  Devon Alderton: <—trust the economist to ask the money question

[2011/08/14 15:07]  Salazar Jack: Or both audiences!

[2011/08/14 15:07]  Ceorl Onlyone: yes Sal, that was my hope too, it woudl be a smart move

[2011/08/14 15:08]  Pygar Bu: mhm

[2011/08/14 15:08]  Ceorl Onlyone: partner with Diaspora, Twitter, Plurk

[2011/08/14 15:08]  Ceorl Onlyone: privacy friendly partners

[2011/08/14 15:08]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): I bought it together with a hosting package and a business registration, About $200 per year. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 15:08]  Devon Alderton: I don’t understand their move towards FB.

[2011/08/14 15:08]  Devon Alderton: since FB keeps banning avis

[2011/08/14 15:08]  Pygar Bu: perhaps the broader audience

[2011/08/14 15:08]  Devon Alderton: thanks. that’s quite reasonable

[2011/08/14 15:08]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: but FB is/was popular

[2011/08/14 15:08]  Ceorl Onlyone: well they did not think it through, failed to understand that fundamental difference

[2011/08/14 15:08]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: and they scrabbling to get bigger audience

[2011/08/14 15:08]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): “Isn’t it interesting that there’s no uproar over Linked In and any naming policys?” – Pix. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 15:09]  Ceorl Onlyone: they thought we wanted to put our real names in display names too

[2011/08/14 15:09]  Nyx Ivory: yea – shd have learned from FB and integrateed into their own AU

[2011/08/14 15:09]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): Google used to be considered a “good guy”but now with this policy issue over identities, they very quickly became like the hated SS…

[2011/08/14 15:09]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): I like what Nyx said!

[2011/08/14 15:09]  Ceorl Onlyone: yes iSkye I think many are thinking of how to safely disengage from Google

[2011/08/14 15:09]  Devon Alderton: LInked in required names from the getgo. people sign up to sell their services or get a job.

[2011/08/14 15:09]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): would have given us a more self-contained community

[2011/08/14 15:10]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Mari was asked about the reasoning behind using online pseudonyms. She’s bringing up victims of abuse, harassment, and such. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 15:10]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: everyones good guys till they get big ;-p

[2011/08/14 15:10]  Devon Alderton: Devon Alderton nods. they scale beyond human.

[2011/08/14 15:10]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): HA! Hiro grew up where scenes from the Stepford Wives were filmed. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 15:11]  Tammy Nowotny: “Corporations are people, my friend!”

[2011/08/14 15:11]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): theres also the issue of an EVEN PLAYING FIELD – many of us have abilities or capabilities that we are not able to use with our RL identities that we are empowered to use as avatars

[2011/08/14 15:11]  Devon Alderton: eeek! I always think of that when I see the new account avis. marching along Main Street

[2011/08/14 15:11]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): oh, god the Stepford Wives….<shudder>

[2011/08/14 15:11]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): “I use ‘Riven’ when I make a political statement because I don’t want my associates bothered by the effects of making such a statement.”

[2011/08/14 15:11]  Nyx Ivory: Nyx Ivory nods agreement at Sky

[2011/08/14 15:11]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): – Riven… Duh! XD

[2011/08/14 15:12]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: whats wrong with stepford wifes? ;-p

[2011/08/14 15:12]  Devon Alderton: iSkye, you’re in reach. smack him.

[2011/08/14 15:12]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: LOLL

[2011/08/14 15:12]  Nyx Ivory: :-) Devon

[2011/08/14 15:12]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): iSkye Bonde shoves leon off his chair

[2011/08/14 15:12]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: (loves a bit of banter)

[2011/08/14 15:12]  Pygar Bu: Pygar Bu smiles

[2011/08/14 15:13]  Nyx Ivory: (hope Leon’s elbow bruises aren’t TOO deep)

[2011/08/14 15:13]  Devon Alderton: Nyx, for a company like Icarus, what do you all do about identity of your clients? does it matter?

[2011/08/14 15:13]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: whispers: (i put my flak jacket on

[2011/08/14 15:14]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): “There’s some kind of weird guys on the internet, you may notice.” – Pix. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 15:14]  Nyx Ivory: it absolutely matters – i’m accustomed to working in an NDA environment

[2011/08/14 15:14]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: deven, its up to them if wanna be public or not, not us

[2011/08/14 15:14]  Devon Alderton: hahahahaha. and gals. good one, Pix.

[2011/08/14 15:14]  Gentle Heron: right Nyx, and NDAs and informed consent to participate in research MUST have RL identities.

[2011/08/14 15:14]  Devon Alderton: Devon Alderton nods.

[2011/08/14 15:15]  Devon Alderton: but Gentle, RL researcher disclosure, you mean, not participant?

[2011/08/14 15:15]  Nyx Ivory: we respect their levels of comfort – both sides need assurances of good intent

[2011/08/14 15:15]  Gentle Heron: both, Devon

[2011/08/14 15:15]  Devon Alderton: Tommy!

[2011/08/14 15:15]  Tammy Nowotny: Nyx can share RL identity with clients without sharing it with whole universe. even in RL, consultants often work confidentially

[2011/08/14 15:15]  Gentle Heron: informed consent MUST be given by the RL person

[2011/08/14 15:15]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Draxter is mentioning how he has practically “Brand” established his name so that he would be a supportive go to for political and activist contacts. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 15:16]  Devon Alderton: I respectfully disagree on that on the client side.

[2011/08/14 15:16]  Devon Alderton: but my work is social science, not medical.

[2011/08/14 15:16]  Gentle Heron: I eagerly await Tom Bollestorff’s book on VW research. I know that’s an issue researchers have to deal with.

[2011/08/14 15:17]  Devon Alderton: IRBs don’t require it of clients in the survey/interview type research.

[2011/08/14 15:17]  Gentle Heron: They don’t require informed consent in some kinds of research, that’s true.

[2011/08/14 15:17]  Devon Alderton: I have had to gently shoo some researchers back to their faculty committees for not having informed consent in place….

[2011/08/14 15:18]  Devon Alderton: but it never requires identity disclosure of the participant

[2011/08/14 15:18]  Nyx Ivory: interesting – a diff angle, Devon – not thought about that

[2011/08/14 15:18]  Gentle Heron: Gentle Heron needs the contact info for Devon’s IRB.

[2011/08/14 15:19]  Nyx Ivory: agreeing in part with Draxtor’s “branding” concept

[2011/08/14 15:19]  Devon Alderton: So do I…jsut changed institutions and have to get the new one up to speed

[2011/08/14 15:19]  Gentle Heron: Draxtor IS a brand, after all

[2011/08/14 15:19]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): One from the crowd, name unknown, is referencing how keeping RL and virtual separate can have an impact on someone’s ability to be hired. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 15:19]  Pygar Bu: yes, Nyx

[2011/08/14 15:19]  Gentle Heron: Here’s what’s funny. I think folks would hire Gentle before they’d hire her typist.

[2011/08/14 15:19]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): That unknown person, I can relate to that

[2011/08/14 15:20]  Ceorl Onlyone: yes, social media allows an interviewer to get answers to questions they are not allowed to ask

[2011/08/14 15:20]  Gentle Heron: Hello Krull!!!

[2011/08/14 15:20]  Devon Alderton: We are seeing more and more of this…the company that isdoing social media research for employers on applicatns

[2011/08/14 15:20]  Devon Alderton: and those FB reHey, CeAire!

[2011/08/14 15:20]  Hi gentle ã‹¡

[2011/08/14 15:21]  Pygar Bu: I mention my involvement in SecondLife on my resume, but don’t disclose my SL name

[2011/08/14 15:21]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: yeh avi names can become a ‘brand’

[2011/08/14 15:21]  Devon Alderton: smart, Pygar.

[2011/08/14 15:21]  Gentle Heron: It is quite possible to demonstrate employment and employability skills in SL.

[2011/08/14 15:21]  Pygar Bu: (if they really wanna know, they can ask me personally ;-) )

[2011/08/14 15:21]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): I’ve have soem form of my name on the Internet since the early 90s

[2011/08/14 15:21]  Devon Alderton: Anyone can find mine….in two seconds or less.

[2011/08/14 15:22]  Devon Alderton: yes, Gentle…and so many folks can blossom in here in ways that they couldn’t so quickly in RL.

[2011/08/14 15:22]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): I’ve had*

[2011/08/14 15:22]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Mari is reflecting on what it means to build a reputation in its own name (her Second Lifeâ„¢ name as a point) that needs to be held and protected like any other identity. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 15:22]  Pygar Bu: my RL internet handles are simialr enough to my RL name it’s not difficlut to associate them

[2011/08/14 15:22]  Nyx Ivory: I suspect Botgirl wd be with us on the brand thing

[2011/08/14 15:22]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): That was making earlier, Devon – an avatar identity can empower a person

[2011/08/14 15:22]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Yes. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 15:22]  Pygar Bu: yep!

[2011/08/14 15:22]  Devon Alderton: yep.

[2011/08/14 15:23]  Nyx Ivory: yes Immy *And Protected*

[2011/08/14 15:23]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: think if protecting an avi name for a brand means also taking up that name on other worlds, that can get to be a pain

[2011/08/14 15:23]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): @Nyx: definitely about Botgirl

[2011/08/14 15:23]  Devon Alderton: Leon, it seems like a business idea to me…..protect and register your name for you

[2011/08/14 15:23]  Gentle Heron: Note to Oakland- There are over 100 different peer support groups in SL just in English.

[2011/08/14 15:24]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): be interesting if a sort of central virtual world registry came into being

[2011/08/14 15:24]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: yes devon, it has a value

[2011/08/14 15:24]  Pygar Bu: yes, Skye!

[2011/08/14 15:24]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: that would be an ideal sky

[2011/08/14 15:24]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): that’d be the “create identity once, use everywhere’ concept

[2011/08/14 15:25]  Devon Alderton: and we sort of have that with sign in via Twitter, FB, etc

[2011/08/14 15:25]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: posssible in concept, site where u submit name and then they regester than in all possible worlds and sites

[2011/08/14 15:25]  Nyx Ivory: several universal sign-in things – not yet trusting any

[2011/08/14 15:25]  Nyx Ivory: OA etc

[2011/08/14 15:25]  Devon Alderton: yes, Nyx…that’s the issue…trust.

[2011/08/14 15:25]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): I’m waiting for one to become the more-or-less de facto registrar

[2011/08/14 15:26]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): A few people are talking about attempts to apply for jobs using experience they’ve gained by being in Second Lifeâ„¢ but the interviewer/HR have managed to ignore what they accomplished under the pesudonym. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 15:26]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): it’d be like a ICANN for avatar identities

[2011/08/14 15:26]  Devon Alderton: can it be set up on a barge somewhere in international waters?

[2011/08/14 15:26]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: yeh needs a standars likes regertring a website

[2011/08/14 15:26]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Hiro almost accidentally broke the table. XD

[2011/08/14 15:26]  Devon Alderton: you can put that stuff on your resume….but how to verify it….put it in linked in.

[2011/08/14 15:26]  Pygar Bu: Whoops!

[2011/08/14 15:26]  Nyx Ivory: (reminds me – need to look at QR codes again)

[2011/08/14 15:26]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): “almost accidentally” hmmmm

[2011/08/14 15:27]  Tammy Nowotny: hah: interviewers usually ignore experience gained under your real name, too.

[2011/08/14 15:27]  Salazar Jack: Was he pounding it with his fist?

[2011/08/14 15:27]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: u know when u regester a domain name its protected, would be a good next step for avi names

[2011/08/14 15:27]  Devon Alderton: yikes! calm down there, boys and girls.

[2011/08/14 15:27]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): is that the opposite of “almost intentionally”?

[2011/08/14 15:27]  Pygar Bu: (lots of possibilities there Nyx)

[2011/08/14 15:27]  Krull Kitty (krull.quar): I think it raises eyebrows when I brag about developing an entire island by myself with my own two paws XD

[2011/08/14 15:27]  Pygar Bu: heh Krull!

[2011/08/14 15:27]  CeAire Decosta: LOL!

[2011/08/14 15:28]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): I get twitchy about the heavy reliance on “certifications” over experience with some interviewers and prospective employers.

[2011/08/14 15:28]  lol

[2011/08/14 15:28]  Nyx Ivory: sounds awesome to me, Krull ;^)

[2011/08/14 15:28]  Krull Kitty (krull.quar): hehe

[2011/08/14 15:28]  Pygar Bu: yes, Skye

[2011/08/14 15:28]  Pygar Bu: I look for “or related experience” in the requirements

[2011/08/14 15:29]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Drax is saying that that there’s an optimistic possibility that alternate identities will eventually being normalized.

[2011/08/14 15:29]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): hard to find those three little words these days, Pygar

[2011/08/14 15:29]  Salazar Jack: Maybe the HP ignoring of the SL/virtual work is just a matter of unfamiliarity with the tech and skills and when it becomes more mainstream it will have more value?

[2011/08/14 15:29]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): “There was once a time when you had to hide being Irish.” – Drax. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 15:29]  Gentle Heron: “normalized”?????

[2011/08/14 15:29]  Devon Alderton: for women, you know, changing your name is so often expected

[2011/08/14 15:29]  Pygar Bu: I can see that. Maybe not today or tomorrow but soon enough.

[2011/08/14 15:30]  Pygar Bu: Pygar Bu smiles big

[2011/08/14 15:30]  Devon Alderton: and authors….and bloggers

[2011/08/14 15:30]  Krull Kitty (krull.quar): There are many people in the world using alternate IDs right now, we know them as actors who use stage names ã‹¡

[2011/08/14 15:30]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): iSkye Bonde looks at the display name above her head, re name change

[2011/08/14 15:30]  Tammy Nowotny: Tammy Nowotny is actually Irish-American, even though she has a Slovakian surname

[2011/08/14 15:30]  Nyx Ivory: Maria – Hypergrid Biz hada a great article about her name

[2011/08/14 15:30]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): “Log off now!” – Stroker. =^-^=

[2011/08/14 15:30]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): The panel is currently ended. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 15:30]  Salazar Jack: Thanks, Immy!

[2011/08/14 15:30]  Pygar Bu: Thanks! for relaying Immy!

[2011/08/14 15:30]  Tammy Nowotny: maybe an archived video will be made available

[2011/08/14 15:31]  LeonTubrok Beaumont: yes thanks

[2011/08/14 15:31]  Krull Kitty (krull.quar): I am a cat so names really don’t matter because I won’t come even if you call be by name :P

[2011/08/14 15:31]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): “Just as we speak, a female friend just had her Facebook profile deleted!” – Ze. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 15:31]  hey everyone

[2011/08/14 15:31]  Devon Alderton: Thanks so much, Immy

[2011/08/14 15:31]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): THANKS Immy! Sending you a big squish of thanks for your work.

[2011/08/14 15:31]  Ceorl Onlyone: thank you Immy :)

[2011/08/14 15:31]  Ange1ique Dagger: how are we enjoying the convenion?

[2011/08/14 15:31]  Nyx Ivory: WHEW! Great Job. Immy

[2011/08/14 15:31]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Chicka chicka yeaaaaah!

[2011/08/14 15:31]  Gentle Heron: Thank you Immy. My advice…. put an ice pack on your wrists.

[2011/08/14 15:31]  iSkye Bonde (iskye.silverweb): @Ange1ique: Virtually!

[2011/08/14 15:31]  Nyx Ivory: and great convo all

[2011/08/14 15:31]  Tammy Nowotny: /otter

[2011/08/14 15:31]  Tammy Nowotny: /ofdoom

[2011/08/14 15:31]  Nyx Ivory: .-‘`’-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-‘`’-.

[2011/08/14 15:31]  Krull Kitty (krull.quar): Oh my

[2011/08/14 15:31]  /clappps tnx a lot Immy for being our ears

[2011/08/14 15:31]  Pygar Bu: .-‘`’-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-‘`’-.

[2011/08/14 15:32]  Devon Alderton: thank the panel for us, okay?

[2011/08/14 15:32]  Hitomi Tiponi: Thanks Immy

[2011/08/14 15:32]  Tammy Nowotny: OTTER!!!!!

[2011/08/14 15:32]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Gotta git so I can change rooms. (^_^)

[2011/08/14 15:32]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Bai you guyz! Xd

 That’s all folks! (^_^)y

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3 Responses to TL/DR – Chatlog from August 14, 2008 SLCC

  1. Dale Innis says:

    Who did the JLU threaten with what? We want the juicy details! :)

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      It was a hubbub over Pix giving the what’s and why’s over releasing her RL identity… In order to fight the DMCA against the JLU Wiki leak last year. It resulted in a slightly gimped yet still productive panel. At the same time, revealing some true colours of this band of “heroes”. (-_-)y

  2. Dale Innis says:

    Ah, okay. We don’t know that that was any kind of JLU threat against the panel, really. We only know that the SLCC committee took some rather expensive last-minute actions to remove “In February of 2010, Mark McCahill sacrificed his Pixeleen Mistral pseudonym to fight an outrageous takedown notice filed by ‘Justice League Unlimited’ vigilante Kalel Venkman – a move that thwarted Venkman’s abuse of the DMCA process to remove Herald coverage of his gang’s massive Second Life player surveillance database.” from the printed program. Could have been that Kalel (or even someone else in the JLU) threatened something, could just be that someone on the committee read that and thought “wow we can’t actually distribute potentially libelous stuff like this in our program!” and etc. Was hoping for something juicier. :) But ty!

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