I’m Not Nice (^_^)

[17:17] Conners: (Saved Sat Mar 21 17:00:03 2015)I sent the same snotty profane email to the whole gang of miscreants at NCI. You just thought you were special. lulz
[17:19] Immy: Oh, so you think we’re all responsible for your client settings? (o.O)
[18:21] Conners: ok, I will talk reaaaally slowly. I have disabled notifications from SL in this SL account weeks ago . . . but . . . your whole gang keeeeeeps sending me notifications . . . . . . . MAYBE IF YOU JUST REMOVE CONNERS FROM YOUR GROUP ALL THIS MADNESS WILLLLLLLLLL EEEEEEEENNNNNNND . . . . . OOOOOO
[18:23] Immy: You’re suggesting the impossible. If you really disabled notifications, you wouldn’t be getting them. (^_^)
[18:40] Conners: With Linden Labs no fuck up is impossible. ok I just made it up to waste a lot of time cuz I have nothing else to do. :-O
[18:41] Immy: No. I think you actually are doing it wrong and are too arrogant to admit to your own mistake so you’re projecting on those around you. (^_^)
[18:47] Conners: lol now that’s funny. That would be the pot calling the kettle black . . . :*)?
[18:49] Immy: No, it wouldn’t be. I’m not wrong about this. (^_^)
[19:01] Conners: ok Immy, You are right and I am wrong. I just made it up. You win! =D>
[19:02] Immy: Doesn’t matter to me. Just fix your settings before complaining. (^_^)
[19:06] Conners: Jesus OCD much? 8^
[19:09] Immy: Naw. Just hoping you’ll fix your settings instead of asking people to solve your problems for you. (^_^)


Not sure if he responded since.  I kinda quit paying attention. =^-^=

In other topics, blue LEDs make everything cooler. (^_^)y

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  1. Alessa says:

    Dickheads will be dickheads…WTF…they will die just like everyone else, no? (Maybe sooner ;-)

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