Oh, I’ll provide you feedback alright… (=_=)

Dear Linden Labbies,

It’s late, I’m grumpy, and I get a bloody Email…


Since you have used our support system, we are asking you to help us improve the support experience in Second Life. If you could spare us about 5 minutes of your time to fill out the survey found at the link below, we would be most grateful

Oh, bloody yeah.  Y’all want to know the kind of job you’re doing.  Thank you for asking for my feedback on an issue you simply didn’t address.  Your fail is showing. (=_=)

Y’all promised not to publish the information.  Well, I made no such promise.  So, here it bloody is. (=_=)

Short&Sweet this time. =^-^=

About Imnotgoing Sideways

I'm a Second Life avatar with my own cookie jar! (^_^)y
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2 Responses to Oh, I’ll provide you feedback alright… (=_=)

  1. ELQ says:

    Too bad the results from the support survey go straight to LL’s spam folder

    • Han Held says:

      Actually, survey results are emailed to linden lab[1].

      [1]linden lab, however, filters your email to the trash (which gmail makes it easy to do).

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