Bare Minimum Info – Mesh LOD (^_^)

I response to some confusion over LOD levels when uploading mesh, I’m gonna toss together the steps I take for keeping LI and upload costs low. (^_^)

To start… ALWAYS start with multiple models.  At least 2.  For this demo, I’m using 3. (^_^)

01 ThreeBlenderModels

The differences in detail should be apparent.  I’ll call them A, B, and C.  Note that A has 3x the Verts of B and C is little more than a cube.  All 3 models have 3 material surfaces and roughly the same UV maps. (^_^)

Now, to upload. =^-^=

02 DefaultUpload

This is the default upload for A.  The model makes up the High LoD and the uploader is set to Generate the rest of the models based on a Triangle Limit.  The uploader can be really rough when removing verts to bring the objects down to the marked triangle limits. (>_<)

03 DefaultMid

04 DefaultLow

05 DefaultLowest

View each LoD level, click on the High, Medium, Low, and Lowest names on the far left… Or use the box just below the mesh image.  As you can see, Lowest can make for a pretty ugly blob.  The going price for this blob is L$12 to upload and an LI of 10.059.  (O.o)

So, lets use the rest of our models… =^-^=

06 Models

Now High, Medium, and Low each have a model for uploading.  These models will look exactly like the ones in the top image.  So Medium will preserve more of its shape, Low will just be a box, and Lowest will be Generated and be a decimated blob of the box from Low.  Here’s the good part.  Upload price is now L$11 and the LI has gone down to 7.812.  (^_^)

This is a relatively simple model, so the savings won’t be very huge… But, this should at least demonstrate that a savings is possible. (^_^)

Finally, when it comes to physics, complex models can really jack up the LI.  Items like clothing and other attachments could wind up having very complex physics shapes in spite of them being totally phantom while worn.  What I do for this is keep a cube.  Just a default Blender cube that I can use as the Physics LoD file. (^_^)

07 Physics

Now, since this model is very simple… There’s no actual change in physics detail with or without the cube.  Since physics is less than 1, it won’t affect our upload cost or LI.

Once the LED was inworld I found that the models were something like 8 meters tall which initially threw off the LI number while uploading.  Once it was scaled to 2 meters tall or less, LI fell below 1 and I was able to link 3 together for 2LI.

This is my take on things.  It probably isn’t accurate or complete, but, it’s what I’ve been doing and it works for me.  Please correct me in comments if need be. (^_^)y


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Here (^_^)

Y’all probably know that I volunteer at NCI, New Citizens Inc.  It’s a great place with a great community, lessons, events, freebies, and advice for anyone in SL.  I been going there since I found the scatter of green dots on the map.  Over time I became an instructor, a land officer, and took on the task of maintaining the infonodes. (^_^)

Recently NCI’s creator and founder, Brace Coral, has returned to Second Life and has involved with staff.  In the most recent staff meeting, she posed a question: “Why are you here?” (^_^)

To that, I have an almost overly simple answer: The community. (^_^)

To get complicated, I’ll say more. =^-^=

My “Immy” account is actually my second spin through Second Life.  The first time around, I was Indoorsman Dagger and I discovered very quickly that AGP graphics cards were horribly unsuitable for rendering the primmy world. (>_<)

So, I joined SL again for the first time… Because I had initially forgotten Indy’s password. (O.o)

Much of my early time in SL was spent in the Hanja welcome area.  Back then, it was hazardous to cross simlines with attachments and many teleports would often fail.  So, I stayed there quite a while.  Though, in spite of its name, Hanja was hardly welcoming.  Add to that, my short draw distance and a seemingly endless barren field of grass beyond build and I pretty much had no hint of the scale of SL as a whole. (>_<)

In time, I found the map.  After a while, I sorted out what green dots were.  Eventually, I really started exploring.  Not even using search yet.  Just nap random places on the map and TP there.  For sure, people made most places worth visiting. (^_^)

Then, one day during a session of me zooming around the map, I had noticed a nearly full PG sim.  At that time, so many people in a PG joint was unheard of for me.  So, obviously this deserved some investigation. =^-^=

One thing to note; I haven’t mentioned chatting yet.  Honestly, for a good month or so, I didn’t chat with anyone in SL.  I was too shy, too afraid to connect with people, and concerned that my family would have problems with me making friends online. (>_<)

With that in mind… I actually had my first chat in SL at NCI.  It was very brief.  Light Sol had approached me, asking if I needed help.  My response was little more than something like “Not now.  Talking to family.” (._.)

But, there you have it… My first ever chat in SL was at NCI.  The crowd at NCI was nothing like Hanja.  Every other word wasn’t an obscenity.  Eventually I began to open up, socialize, and take up building.  It was all very new to me… Someone who had spent years with a nose jammed into Manga and a laptop Bittorrenting Anime shows 24/7. (^_^)

As time went by, I made friends (and even met someone that I still have a crush on to this day).  I have this near addiction to being inquisitive and helpful.  So, as I gathered more information about SL, I started sharing it with others.  NCI was very much a learn and teach and learn and teach environment.  The people there were always ready to answer reasonable questions and toss a freebie around once in a while that would benefit others. (^_^)

I wasn’t even aware of any kind of leadership structure at the time.  I just found myself spending time with helpful, supportive, and generous people every day. (^_^)

As time went by, I started getting more involved.  I was a frequent participant in Show&Tell, Blitz Build, and Beach Party events.  I was a killer in the Beach’s Toob race.  My lack of lag was to my advantage, for sure. =^-^=

I gradually got to know near everyone who hung out at the Kuula campus.  With that someone eventually offered me a teaching position.  It was alternating weeks.  One week I would teach Flexi&Light.  The next, One Prim Wonders.  It was definitely something to do.  In fact, I still do it.  See me in our Hamnida campus tonight at 6pm SLT.  I’ll be teaching Flexi&Light on the ground classroom. (^_^)

The whole time, the community was there. (^_^)

At some point, I was able to join Linden Lab’s SL Mentors program which provided a few more resources, but, nowhere near comparable to what the NCI community was offering.  I found that flying solo just wasn’t going to work out.  Being a part of something doesn’t really off much gain.  Having a tag is little more than a label.  But, having a community to lean on and support was right up my alley. (^_^)

… Then August 2009 happened. (T_T)

None the less, the community still provided tons of support.  Right at the point where I thought I was going to hit rock bottom, members of the community were letting me know they were behind me every step of the way.  People well aware of the organization’s mission stepped forward for the sake of the community and all the work they’ve done.  The community was able to survive the turmoil of the time and continue to support and maintain NCI for years to come. (^_^)

For that, I’m highly thankful and indebted to the people of NCI.  I like to think I’m part of this community, welcome and willing.  All I can do now is try my best to provide the same of what was given to me.  The people of New Citizens Inc. have been among the best I’ve met online.  I’m glad to be part of it.  I plan to remain with the community for as long as I can. (^_^)y

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Blockety blockety block! (O.o)


A coworker of mine is setting up IIS on his company laptop in order to develop a web based front-end for our test result database.  Otherwise known at doing his job! (^_^)

He’s looking for information regarding some of the configuration he’s having trouble with.  Where else would one go for information regarding MS software?  Well… Many places, but, is a pretty darned understandable option. (^_^)

No? (o.o)

Well, yeah… No. (>_<)

So, he pulls up the page which contains … a box stating that our employer’s IT department has blocked some content on the page.  Reason: “Educational Video”… (O.o)

Educational Video! (=_=)

Ed-U-Ca-Tion-Al!!! DX

Something flagged as an “Educational Video” on the frigg’n MICROSOFT website has been deemed inappropriate for employees to view. (o.O)

So, yeah.  He’s now turning to his trusty 4G/LTE iPhone to watch the video anyway. (^_^)

As for me?  I’m on lunch break and I’m watching this:

… on my work computer. =^-^=


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Dirty Filthy Naughty Jazz =^-^=

Everyone knows the song “I Jazz’d In My Pants”, right? =^-^=

Remember the last orgy you had at church? (^_^)

When was the last time you “donated”. (^_^)

Ever wake up with morning “fundraiser”? (O.o)

Really?  (o.O)

Well… The Lab, in its infinite genius… again, has flurbed on an event notice.  Somehow, there’s something in the wording which triggers a requirement of Adult Content rating. (=_=)

So, what does the naughtiness entail? (^_^)

Well… (O.o)

On the Second Life Forum…

Concert Fundraiser Debuting Sere performing her original Jazz at The Church

Hurray!  It’s been a long wait. Launching ongoing Concert Fundraisers at The Church, debuting Sere performing her original Jazz on Sunday, June 8th at 1pm.  Thanks to Sere’s sponsor, Paradunai, LLC, 100% of every Linden donated goes directly to this concert’s charity – the American Cancer Society here in Second Life.  Come out and soak up Sere’s jazz, and enjoy a dance party at the Pavilion after the concert, knowing every cent you donate makes a difference!  To preview Sere’s music, go to her website at  So excited to see you there!

Uhm… Yeah. (o.O)

So, do you see it?  I totally frigg’n don’t.  It could be anything.  And, I gotta say, the Lab has held a really messed up way of handling these things.  (=_=)

So, yeah… What do you see in there which could even remotely, possibly, probably, maybe, sometimes, kinda, should trigger the event as Adult Content®? (o.o)

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Ebbe and Flow (^_^)

This new LL CEO is seemingly making waves in quite a few directions.  It sounds like he’s going to bring the Lab back inworld and provide backing for education and volunteer communities. (^_^)

… Then these new avatars come about. (O.o)

Then we get a new blog post from a Landon Linden who quite openly described what went wrong and apologized for the dread it caused. (^_^)

M was a flat-out betrayer.  I’m still trying to figure out how Rod got things so wrong.  He sounded so on it from the start.  But, in the end, it turned the lab into a shut-in development house. (>_<)

So, now we got Ebbe.  And, kind of like before, he sounds so on it.  (^_^)

I hear that the Lab has pushed out a sample of what SL is going to be like for the Occulus Rift.  (^_^)

Though, back to those avatars… Ebbe!!! What were you thinking!?!? DX

Look at the first actions of the majority of people who join SL.  All those help and newb areas packed with people in Edit Appearance mode.  What do these new avatars do for that?  They make it hugely more difficult to make those little changes many people are after. (>_<)

Pretty avatars have been shown, over and over, to scare people away from SL just as fast as they attract them.  And, by the way, these avatars ain’t pretty!!! DX

So, volunteers who are helping people spread their virtual wings suddenly find themselves going from “Hey, try this skin and bump the sliders around a bit.” to “Here is how you detach everything and remove alphas and no you’re not stuck in that shape and yes I know the sliders aren’t working and yes, that avatar’s eyes are not affected by the eye sliders and no wearing that shirt you picked up from the freebie mall won’t work on that avatar…” (=_=)

Come on… (=_=)

Though some good is coming from Ebbe so far. (^_^)

He has gotten the attention of some of the helper communities.  Particularly NCI. (^_^)

If you don’t already know, NCI (New Citizens Inc.) started as a group created by Brace Coral.  She had this wonder vision of people helping each other out in ways that LL failed to provide.  And, IT WORKED! =^-^=

Well, guess what, she’s back! XD

Seems she’s had some words with Ebbe and some others to get to stepp’n and bring these helper communities back to the front.  So, in her hands stands NCI. (^_^)

Surely she’s rock’n the boat within the group.  But, it’s a boat in need of rocking.  Some changes is a’coming.  =^-^=

Lessee if Ebbe has things going in the right direction. (^_^)

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The Leaf =^-^=

My partner came home with palm leaves from Palm Sunday mass and tacked them high up, knowing Loli’s (our cat) history with plants. All was fine for the week until last night. And, apparently, I slept through the whole thing. XD

Somehow she found a way to ascend along the wall and pull one leaf down and started playing with it on the bed. The ensuing chaos woke my partner up who confiscated the leaf and placed it under their pillow. Loli, knowing where her new toy was, started digging and pressing herself under the pillow. =^-^=

My partner was awakened again and decided to move the leaf from the pillow to under the blanket. Bad move. Loli drove her way under the blanket, pretty much making matters worse. =^-^=

Finally, giving up, my partner got out of bed and put the leaf in our hallway cabinet… To which Loli sat under, gazed upon, and howled at for a while. (O.o)

Then, in the morning, my partner is telling me the story and goes to take the leaf from the cabinet to show me. Once the cabinet door’s magnet ‘clicks’ we hear Loli doing her slick-floor-burnout and she comes racing up the hallway. XD

Once she drifts her way to our feet, she looks up at the open cabinet door with the most wanting look in her eyes I’ve ever seen. XD

She REALLY likes that leaf. (O.o)

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