Is there hope for the forum? (-_-)

I post on forums.  (^_^)

Been doing that stuff forever.  I posted on Megatokyo forums, Hongfire, some car stuff, some music stuff, and for the past few years my subject has been SL. (^_^)

The original LL forums were okay.  Prokkie was banned, Strife would intermittently buzz a post or thread, Cybin and Millie would show up once in a while.  But, it got super neglected… Their vBulliten code got all outdated and the Labbies wanted to find something more…. Well… I dunno what the heck they were looking for. (O.o)

So, in came Jive.  That’s what it was called, right? (o.o)

Anyway… So, they renamed the whole thing Second Life Answers and attempted to follow the Yahoo answers thingie that has seen some relative success.  What they forgot was that… Well… Nobody really wanted that. (=_=)

Okay, so, closed beta starts with recruits from a Mentors group, including myself.  Some of the first things we pointed out was the confusing threading layout, no real means of flagging threads that have been read/posted/or not, no way to report posts, and a generally un-navigable junk site. (>_<)

So… They released it anyway. (T_T)

And, yes, it stunk allmighty.  (>.<)

Given some time, money exchange spammers and a one Wasted Engineer PWNed the forums with page-length updates and epic trolling.  LL pretty much proved that they can’t manage a forum in Jive, soooooooooo… LITHIUM! XD

Now, they’re using the Lithium forum thingie.  Actually, I don’t even think they’re hosting it from their own servers anymore.  Maybe that’s why the TOS change lately? (O.o)

But, nothing’s really any different from Jive.  The thread lists are a tiny bit easier to navigate, but, the site itself is still a mess… Still getting trolled by Wasted… And, what’s this? Money exchange spam!!! XD

Add… Rodvik joined SLU recently.  What conclusion is a SL user supposed to come to?  Well… Maybe LL don’t know how to manage a community.  There ain’t anyone in the lab who can slap together a spam-free forum with a reasonable interface.  Though, throngs of inworld individuals seem to manage that just fine. (O.o)

Should LL bother with forums anymore at all?  I dunno.  It’ll cost’em.  Either they pay for a community rep or they simply shut the forums and lose that customer feedback.  (=_=)

Transparency isn’t one-way glass.  C’mon now. (^_^)y



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