A year? A year! Actually, over a year.

Yeah, I haven’t really said anything for a whole year.  I guess I removed myself?  Not sure if I just wanted to quit inflicting myself upon others.  Not sure if I wanted to see who would notice.

As such, it’s been a very quiet year.  I assume I’ve succeeded on both accounts.

I never went away.  I’ve still been there at each feed and forum.  Just reading.  Just watching.  Maybe waiting?  Noticing and observing that everyone has been perfectly well off without me.

My presence adds no value.  My absence makes no difference.


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I'm a Second Life avatar with my own cookie jar! (^_^)y
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13 Responses to A year? A year! Actually, over a year.

  1. Alessa says:

    Don’t be silly. Come back to Kuula (or anywhere). Your presence *does* add value. What are you ‘waiting’ for?

  2. Emilylo Mayako says:

    Another year…, now its 2017, July 5th, the years go by fast for me.
    I am in SL every day, maybe for an hour and half but I am still here.

  3. Emilylo Mayako says:

    Oh yeah, we have a new element in SL called Bento, moving tails that dont have many prims, cat ears that are more life like AO’s with moving fingers, Bento heads with changing face expressions, eye movement, eye lashes attached to the eyelids, and all changeable in colors, and movement. should see this.

  4. BlackVueazp says:

    Manuscript is a collective name for texts

  5. Sanderprg says:

    bride, Julie d’Angenne.

  6. Keypadagcw says:

    XVII century was Nicholas Jarry .

  7. Juicermae says:

    manuscripts underwent in the Middle

  8. Sanderzsy says:

    and was erased, and on cleaned

  9. Batteryyli says:

    Since the era of Charlemagne

  10. Squiermus says:

    number of surviving European

  11. Artisanyis says:

    the best poets of his era and

  12. Fortressplk says:

    then only a few have reached us

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