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Prim Sweet Home (^_^)

I’m suddenly in the mood to post an SL related topic again.  Whould’a thunk? (O.o) So… Know much about moving?  Like, into a new house or apartment?  At first the place feels strange and empty.  Cardboard boxes all around.  You … Continue reading

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Finding me

A little story. I am product of a teen pregnancy. Mom was still in high school and dad had graduated a year or two prior. They married and mom graduated in hope they’d be able to raise me in a … Continue reading

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Just because (^_^)

[17:15] Bernard Dubrovna: You should note btw. That copying or duplicating any or all of my conversations. Without my consent,. Contravenese those tos.. [17:16] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Cool. I’ll add that to my blog. =^-^=

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