Abusing abuse… (>.>)

Terms of Service.  It’s the law of the digital land.  A living document of what no-no’s apply to using the service.  All for all kinds of reasons like; Keeping admins out of court… Keeping the FBI from kicking doors in… You know, all the fun stuff. =^-^=

So, SL has a ToS that it kind of doesn’t enforce.  I mean, people get banned for violating it all the time… But, also, people get away with murder for years simply because they haven’t been reported.  It’s a little unspoken rule.  I mention it often:

“AR or it didn’t happen”

Yeah, that. (^_^)

It’s kinda like the forum/chat meme “pix or it didn’t happen”… It’s like, we won’t believe a thing until we see it first hand. (^_^)

Well, really, Linden Lab will not act on anything until someone is bothered enough to report it.  Other than the rare case of a Labbie just happening upon really obvious stuff, just about everything slides until it’s reported. (-_-)

But, how do they act?  It seems, if the claim ‘sounds’ legit enough, they’ll pop right no it.  I’ve had a good number of Labbies land on my head moments after sending an AR.  Usually over pretty obvious and legit stuff.  So, I’m confident that they’re doing their job at least a little bit. =^-^=

But, then there are peeps who lack that confidence.  That’s when we get AR parties. (>_<)

Okay, so when I AR something and I see no action, I let it pass.  I’m happy to assume I misinterpreted the ToS, a Labbie looked into my report, and there was no valid violation. (o.o)

Lesson learned, no? (^_^)

Well… No. (=_=)

For some people, that ain’t enough.  What started as “this person violated blabla by blablaing another blabla” to “I am not satisfied with how things are done and I will scream until you obey me!” DX

That’s really what an AR party is saying, ain’t it? (=_=)

I mean, if you think such a thing is actually necessary, then you probably had a history of being ignored… Probably because you been crying wolf all along? =^-^=

But, anyway, there are those out to “force the hands of the gods”… (=_=)

Like, as a revenge move, ARing you for being underage or ageplay, or whatever kind of quick&dirty thing will impact your account the most. (>_<)

I got a biiiiiiiiiig problem with this. (=_=)

Why?  Because sometimes, it works! (T_T)

I’ve seen, over and over, people getting suspended and even terminated over things they’ve never done, filed by a person who simply doesn’t like them.  Which may just be a bit bad if the lab were to turn around and look at the details. (>_<)

I mean, they did with me.  Years ago.  I got B& for “ageplay” while in a grown-up avatar, on PG land, dressed in a PG manner, during a PG building event.  I fought all high hell over it and got the lab to apologize. (^_^)

Others ain’t been so lucky. (>_<)

I know of a couple people with completely terminated accounts based on vague claims of repeated violations of something they’ve possibly NEVER involved themselves in. (=_=)

Add, when appealing, they get told that no mistake was made. (T_T)

Jeebus, a vigilante’s dream come true. DX

And, of course, that’s who uses it most. (-_-)

The big hubbub lately has been over the JLU and their practices of what’s starting to look like simply getting rid of anyone they don’t like. (O.o)

Or, simply, peeps is abusing a system ripe for abuse. (-_-)

And who gets in trouble?  Surely NOT the abuser.  According to docs, they reported a “wrong” and the lab acted appropriately. (=_=)

Blergh…  Not good!! DX

I see this AR thingie… It needs reforming. (-_-)

ARs need to be actionable and directly connectable to the ToS.  Instead of the existing (and outdated) list of reasons, put in a drop box of the actual ToS/CS guidelines.  Yeah, that’ll make the form tougher to fill out, but, stick with me a minute. XD

ARs need to be valid.  Once someone has picked the specific violation, it better be frigg’n true.  There should be a score against false or misleading ARs.  If this score adds up, well, THERE’s your abuser. (=_=)

But, that score, it’s gotta be real.  I mean, INVESTIGATE y’alls ARs.  A Labbie gotta be on the ball for any AR.  Since the ToS violation is clear-cut as picked from the list, shouldn’t be any guesswork, eh? (-_-)

And, really, treat a false abuse report with the same impact as it would have had if the report were true.  If someone BLOODY LIES about another being a CP peddlar, well, they’re putting someone at risk of full-on termination and possibly even criminal investigation. (=_=)

What if someone were to do that in real life?  What if you’re enjoying a sno-cone while sitting on a public park bench and some psycho popps on the cell phone to report that you just fondled their kid?  It’s nearly the same, ain’t it?  Obviously, in scale it ain’t… Maybe. (>_<)

But, that’s the ticket.  At this moment, the environment is in place for someone to lie about you and effectively ruin your virtual life.  I’d love to say I’m being paranoid.  But, I’ve had it happen to me, I’ve seen it happen to others, and I’ve even seen the exposure of who’s doing it on a practically organized level. (=_=)

There’s a word for it…


I like Second Life.  I don’t mind Linden Lab.  But, I can’t stand the pins and needles people tend to be on when such a threat to their account status looms overhead. (>_<)

Wanna talk about customer retention?  Stop terminating your customers. (=_=)

It will be work, but, that’s what we’re paying the Labbies for, ain’t it? (o.O)

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3 Responses to Abusing abuse… (>.>)

  1. The AR system I think just needs to have a reverse-feedback so those that AR excessively or for unsubstantiated claims get a negative rating and thus less ability to be heard. Kinda like feedback on ebay dealers in comparison. A way of tagging troublesome peeps and thus if they end up with a genuine need to AR they have pretty much have a damaged reputation for being a twat in the first place (and thus the lindens are less likely to listen to them). That’s my idea to bring a possible solution to the madness.

  2. Solo Mornington says:

    There’s an important distinction here… If you violate the ToS, you’re in a different category than if you violate the CS (Community Standards). For instance, being non-PG in a PG area isn’t a violation of the ToS. The obvious solution to that problem is to put on clothes or stop saying the f-word. But the Lindens (or Scouts) can’t spend their day telling people to put on clothes, or they’d have no day left for serious business. This in addition to being very busy and put-upon as it is.

    Thus, you end up with the Heavy Hand Of Suspension.

    As far as AR parties go… I think back to the days of the Arbor Project and fighting against the adfarms. Eventually the rules were changed and the g-team told us to AR transgressors, and even made a category for it, because that’s the only way they could effectively police all of mainland.

    The story of the JLU is very different, and worrisome. But there have always been AR trolls and I think there always will be.

  3. sandra says:

    Yes, the AR system is an unjust shambles. The lesson is: don’t make enemies.

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