Kotaku finds a creepy video of a creepy virtual family giving a creepy prim-baby birth. (=_=)

And, honestly, I’m rather fine with that.  If it’s wrong to be creepy, I don’t wanna be right. =^-^=


Ew, okay!?

I mean, look, there are so many other facets of Second Life to focus on.  There’s building, scripting, general socialization, opportunities for collaboration, and I can go on… (^_^)

This child birth thing may be part of someone’s Second Life, but, it ain’t part of mine.  My Second Life consists of relaxing with friends and talking about games.  My Second Life involves hovering around sandboxes and working with others to make a build possible.  My Second Life is often spent helping people in their first days of their Second Life. (^_^)

I don’t think I can do anything about the image being portrayed beyond the grid… Other than blog about it here.  I can only hope that someone accidentally drops into my site and sees MY side of the virtual world.  Not saying I ain’t creepy or issue free.  But, I’m bloody real here.  I’m what happens when Second Life helps reduce a person’s social inhibitions and fears. (^_^)

That Second Life which has families and child birth and weird misaligned couples animations… Yeah, no.  That Second Life is far from me and something I practically never see.  Because, well, I’m over here in my Second Life making stuff go boom! (^_^)y


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I'm a Second Life avatar with my own cookie jar! (^_^)y
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  1. Yeah I’ve gone through childbirth in real life. Don’t have any desire to repeat that in Second Life.

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