Positive celebration of displays of generosity!

I been quiet a long time.  Might as well ramble about something or other. (=_=)

I’m starting to linger in SL a bit more lately.  Guild Wars 2 has become a little ‘meh’ since about level 70.  Though, it’s still bloody fun at times.  It’s surely something I’ll stay casual with.  SL, on the other hand, is still my virtual home. (^_^)

It’s been nice to see so many people flooding each others’ inventories with images and objects resembling holiday cards.  I sent out my card to everyone on my friends list.  It’s a personal tradition that many others have.  But, one thing I been thinking about was that these cards are actually a bit more meaningful and personal than the ones being traded in RL. (o.o)

Think about it.  The cards we usually give are from Hallmark(tm) or what have you.  They’re pre-printed with pre-chosen quips, quotes, and statements.  All we’re doing is picking the attractive ones from a shelf of hundreds.  Maybe you’ll find one with a hole in it to stick a family photo.  But, in the end, they’re all bulk printed stock with the same selection in each and every store.  If you’re not careful, you may even give someone the exact same card 2 years in a row.  (>_<)

But, in SL, we’ve kind of brought the personality back.  There doesn’t seem to be a market for gift card imagery in a world of generally creative people.  We have all made our own cards which we share.  Now, it may just be one card each year sent to everyone, but we put the effort into finding or creating a image and sticking our own quote or quip on it.  I personally arrange a self-photo session, usually trying to out-do my previous one.  I mull over something silly to say over it, usually in attempt to make a skimpy clothing joke.  In the end, it’s something I worked on and created.  And, I’m not the only one! (^_^)

I see it as part of the virtual world which as allowed us to be a bit more real.  It’s an opportunity usually missed in life that we’re able to explore thanks to this technology.  Pretty frigg’n cool, I say. (^_^)y

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