Emphasis mine. =^-^=

[17:34] erinjillianprice: hey blender
[17:35] Blender Brent: well that was linden well spent
[17:35] Blender Brent: stupid mapping
[17:35] Immy: Dobbie! XD
[17:35] Chad Haalan: the slap fight goes well with my trance music
[17:35] dora958958: i love m nerd glasses
[17:35] Immy: Konnichiwa <Hi> (^_^)
[17:35] D0bb: Hi Immy
[17:35] erinjillianprice: hey blender how about you say hello back
[17:35] Ruubi: ooh a metropolis robot
[17:35] Blender Brent: o/
[17:35] PaulinaAh321: hello!
[17:35] erinjillianprice: commen courtesy jeeze
[17:35] Trent: hey WAG
[17:36] Elayne: Hi Pup
[17:36] Blender Brent: sry I’m sick and not paying close attention
[17:36] Trent: im giving a blender tutorial
[17:36] MystiTool HUD 1.4.0: Entering chat range: dora958958 Resident (16m)
[17:36] erinjillianprice: its ok
[17:36] Trent: we’re about to see if it even works
[17:36] Trent: (c:
[17:36] MR. WAG: hey trent & Elayne,say hello to my chat bot Keri
[17:36] dora958958: i feel so sad :( i want my old pic to go away
[17:36] PaulinaAh321: a slap fight?
[17:36] Trent: hi Keri
[17:36] MystiTool HUD 1.4.0: Entering chat range: Bombchu Resident (16m)
[17:36] Chad Haalan: part hat drinks?
[17:36] Rowan Carroll: I’ms tuck!
[17:36] Immy: Can’t expect everyone to be watching chat around here. I couldn’t even see my screen until about a minute ago. XD
[17:36] Elayne: Hi Keri
[17:36] MystiTool HUD 1.4.0: Entering chat range: mary09ilovedesign Resident (11m)
[17:36] erinjillianprice: immy take it easy
[17:37] Immy: Made a double-door script for a friend. =^-^=

~~Then he took it to IMs~~

[17:38] erinjillianprice: your just making yourself look like an ass when you do that
[17:39] Immy: I’ve done nothing. You’re being rude by demanding responses from other people. (^_^)
[17:40] erinjillianprice: yes how dare people respond to me when I say hello to them
[17:40] erinjillianprice rolls eyes
[17:40] Immy: You’re not entitled to a response. (^_^)
[17:40] erinjillianprice: wow just wow
[17:41] erinjillianprice: well theres jerks in real life so I guess it makes sense that there is jerks in second life
[17:41] erinjillianprice: good day to you and good luck
[17:41] Immy: There are scripters and builders. People who can’t even see chat on their screen. It’s normal. (^_^)
[17:42] erinjillianprice: bye honey and do me a favor. dont respond to me.
[17:42] Immy: No. (^_^)

~How dare I!~ =^-^=


~~Edit, more~~

[18:02] erinjillianprice: so are you going to apologize to me or what?
[18:02] erinjillianprice: i mean its been like 20 minutes
[18:03] Immy: You’re not entitled to an apology. I pointed out that your expectations were inconsistent with your surroundings. Not my fault you didn’t like that. (^_^)
[18:03] erinjillianprice: and you wonder why your still single?
[18:03] Immy: I’m married. (^_^)
[18:04] erinjillianprice: im sure you are sweetie
[18:04] erinjillianprice rolls eyes
[18:04] Immy: I’m blogging this. XD

[18:04] erinjillianprice: what a loser
[18:06] erinjillianprice: why dont you blog this. lick my ******!
[18:06] Immy: I censor out swear words most of the time. (^_^)
[18:07] erinjillianprice: hunny you are a swear word

[18:10] erinjillianprice: censor this out ****. suck my **** and let me know how it tastes
[18:11] Immy: I don’t have sex with strangers. (^_^)

[18:11] erinjillianprice: you wanr me so bad right now
[18:11] erinjillianprice: want
[18:11] erinjillianprice: how wet is your ***** right now?
[18:12] Immy: You’re not entitled to that information. (^_^)

[18:12] erinjillianprice: thats all the information I need and the answer is yes it is
[18:13] erinjillianprice: are you playing with your ***** right now?
[18:13] erinjillianprice: i bet you are
[18:13] Immy: Naw. Just posting on my blog. (^_^)

[18:13] erinjillianprice: you wish honey
[18:13] erinjillianprice: we both know theres no blog
[18:14] erinjillianprice: now lets top playing games
[18:14] Immy: http://darkly-cute.com =^-^=
[18:14] erinjillianprice: oh yeah I bet a lot of people read it
[18:14] erinjillianprice rolls eyes
[18:15] Immy: Sitemeter counts 5 hits in the past hour. (^_^)
[18:15] erinjillianprice: they are only visiting your website to look at your boobs
[18:15] Immy: I’m okay with that. (^_^)
[18:16] Immy: http://darkly-cute.com/blog/wp-content/gallery/immy-xd/immygravesdesire04.jpg
[18:16] erinjillianprice: thats animation
[18:16] erinjillianprice: show your real boobs
[18:17] Immy: Sweet words of desperation. =^-^=

[18:20] erinjillianprice: how old are you?
[18:20] Immy: Old enough. (^_^)
[18:20] erinjillianprice: older than 30?
[18:21] Immy: You’re not entitled to that information. (^_^)
[18:21] erinjillianprice: im entitled to everything i want
[18:22] Immy: Nope. (^_^)

[18:22] erinjillianprice: i am god
[18:23] Immy: You know what happened to the last person who said that? We crucified him! =^-^=
[18:23] erinjillianprice: please
[18:23] Immy: You’re funny. (^_^)

~~Can you tell I’m having fun by now? =^0^=~~

[18:24] erinjillianprice: how big are your boobs in real life?
[18:25] Immy: You’re not entitled to that information. (^_^)
[18:25] erinjillianprice: are you a robot?
[18:25] Immy: I’m a person. (^_^)
[18:26] erinjillianprice: thats what a robot would say
[18:27] Immy: Usually bots are programmed to deny. When we get chat bots at NCI, they say “I am not a bot”. My response is different. =^-^=
[18:27] erinjillianprice: you keep saying you are nto entitled to that information
[18:27] Immy: It’s a valid statement. (^_^)
[18:27] erinjillianprice: so are your tits
[18:28] Immy: You know… Redtube.com is free, right? (^_^)

[18:28] erinjillianprice: what is redtube?
[18:29] Immy: At this point, an indicator to me that you’re quite hopeless. (^_^)
[18:29] erinjillianprice: be honest with me. are you horny right now?
[18:30] erinjillianprice: cum on you know you are
[18:30] Immy: Far from it. My face is sore from laughing, though. =^-^=
[18:30] erinjillianprice: you know you are and dont tell em im not entitiled to tha tinformation
[18:30] erinjillianprice: another part of my body is sore wink wink
[18:31] Immy: Jeebus… I have to explain to my family what I’m laughing about. XD

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