I like nipples. =^-^=

So, someone out there in the blogosphere is trying to say I’m anti-nipple.  Nuuuuu!  Far from it!  I mean… Look at the things! XD

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Who would not like that? =^-^=

So, anyway, I’m apparently “Silent and not denying it”… Heh. (=_=)


Hows about, it’s 9-bloody-30 in the morning, I been asleep all night, and I’m currently at work?  You know… That stuff people with a life do. =^-^=

And, yeah, I’m at work.  That doesn’t have to mean I’m ~doing~ work.  So mleagh! Xp

But, anyway… (^_^)

Sounds like someone got in trouble for breaking the rules and it’s somehow my fault they got caught.  Best I can say is that I’m loud.  (^_^)

And, it’s weird…  I mean, if I complain about something publicly enough, it just goes away. (O.o)

Can I haz minions nao? =^-^=

I offered a gesture to see if they’d out themselves to me (that offer is still open, I can keep a secret if you’re skeered) but, so far no nothing ain’t anybody responded. (=_=)

Still… This is quite telling.  Linden Lab’s un-spoken policy of “AR or it didn’t happen” holds true.  I guess the nudie stuff has been up for a long time, but, it took someone popping around to report the stuff before the Labbies did anything.  (=_=)

Which reinforces my point of view.  If we, as SL residents (Tateru: customers) would just mind our bloody business, lots of these pinny-anny bans would never occur.  But, someone’s always gotta get uptight.  Like, the exposed female nipple is the most harmful thing against civilized society, or something. (=_=)

Hairy, greasy, smelly dude-nips pass muster, though. (=_=)

I like the comparitive pictures over there.  Two pictures of me, clothed and on Moderate land, in comparison to a nudie painting.  I guess that’s one of the nudies on PG that got chucked.  But, really?  Being dressed on Moderate is a more severe violation than nudity on PG?  I’d love to see where that’s documented… (=_=)

I like the story inconsistencies too.  And, boy, grasping at straws… Links and examples are going back to one-off events as far back as 2008, yet, depicted as current and described as constantly.  I guess exaggeration makes for exciting gossip. =^-^=

The ball gag picture comes up again! XD

I’m not a fan of inconsistent stories.  So, here goes, in my rough estimate of chronological order:

Story 1) I had a picture of myself with a ball gag on at SLpics.com

Story 2) The picture was deleted

Story 3) It was not deleted

Story 4) It was deleted then magically put back with the exact same time stamp and region coords (Cris must in on it…)

Story 5) The picture was in my profile (I never did this)

Story 6) The picture was removed from my profile (can’t remove what’s not there)

So… Which is it?  Pick one story.  You can’t have your cake and eat it too. (=_=)

Oh, I know! XD … http://snapz.me/s/401782 … YUP! Still there. =^-^=

Hmmm… Blind accusations.  Openly admitting to violating rules.  Never tells the same story twice.  Bans all dispute and dissent.  Creating scenarios that never existed and treating them like fact.  … Come on!  I wasn’t born yesterday, you know. =^-^=

Buhtanyway! (=_=)

Not long ago, I admitted to having psychological/psychiatric problems.  I got help, I went to therapy, and I got prescribed some slick little meds.  As a result, I guess I can only say :Your turn! (^_^)y

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I'm a Second Life avatar with my own cookie jar! (^_^)y
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19 Responses to I like nipples. =^-^=

  1. brinda Allen says:

    Yup… admitting there’s a problem is difficult at best.
    Some years ago I spent better than six months just going to work, coming home and often not going outside until Monday morning time for work.
    Amazing what happened when I could see that my behavior was a problem and I asked for help.
    My drug use and the behavior that goes with that ended up causing me to spend a very long time in a custody situation decades ago. I have personally seen those with severe emotional problems…often those so afflicted were unable to acknowledge that there was a problem. It’s even harder to accept there’s a problem when we are out in the everyday world still supporting ourselves.

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      For me it took me finally breaking out of a 15 year shell. I hadn’t seen anything wrong, but, people who cared pointed it out. Even then, I didn’t listen for 3 years. This past winter, I finally listened, and I finally did something about it.

      I waited too long.

      But, now that it’s said and done, I regret nothing. (^_^)y

  2. Imnotgoing Sideways says:

    There… Shrunk the picture. I was too busy at work to get that out of the way. =^-^=

  3. Max Kleiber says:

    I guess things have been pretty quiet for dear Prokofy.
    Apparently quiet enough that he has nothing better to do than overturn the wastebasket to see what has been stuck to the bottom of it all this time.
    I find I’m very disappointed in Carl’s comment there, as well. Just doesn’t seem to be the same man that coined what I consider to be NCI’s signature phrase:
    “Don’t be an asshole.”
    There are so many things that could be said about it all, but in the end it simply remains as a situation where opinions have been formed and minds have been made up. No facts or reasoned arguments will be entertained.
    The earth is flat, always has been and always will be, and that’s The Way We Like It.

  4. Lias says:

    I read the Prok accusations and I was a little outraged. Then I searched for your website to see your response to it. All very reasonable except I saw no justification for you to spend $100USD to purchase land that Prok put on sale so you could be THAT close to Prok Neva – the person that has never written a nice word about you. And after you buy the land his tenants start to leave because Linden Lab is sending them threatening e-mails about the content in their homes.

    You already own a lot of land elsewhere. I just see no reason to purposely purchase expensive land to be next to the person you have been feuding with for three years. I know you have every right to – but someone trying to keep the peace would avoid that situation.

    • Sean Williams says:

      Lias, you are aware that some people simply don’t care who they live near … right?

      It’s also quite possible that Immy simply doesn’t keep track of who owns what in what sims. I know I don’t.

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      You make $100 sound like a lot of money. (O.o)

      To me, it ain’t. (^_^)

      I bought in Brown because it’s vintage SL. It’s really cool to have a bit of history to park my butt on. I’m still building the house for it up in my private sandbox. (^_^)

      Though, I’m having creative block over the textures. DX

      At the time, I didn’t scrutinize the sim at all. I already had a corner roadside spot and I maintain NCI’s booth, but, I couldn’t care less who owned what where. I still don’t. It’s bloody Brown. And anyway, if $100 was too much to pay for land, why was it put up for sale at that price? What kind of scam is going on when someone thinks a sale price is only justifiable for the seller and not the buyer? Really, in saying that I paid “too much”, isn’t that somehow admitting to being a fraud?

      I think Brown is totally worth every penny. It’s SL history. The first attempt at zoned mainland. There’s a notecard and everything describing what can and can’t be there. It’s bloody wicked. =^-^=

      Again, I didn’t scrutinize the sim. I bought the parcel in confidence that I moved the riff raff out of town. It was only after I started looking at how I could match the common theme that I found the bastard owns half? 2/3rds? … Meh, a lot. I don’t care enough to look into it. (=_=)

      I’m not going to justify spending $100USD to purchase land to be close to Prok. That’s not what I did. For one, I’m not even sure if it was $100. Honestly, I didn’t even pay attention to what I paid. I rarely ever do. Especially after I finished my car payments last year. That makes for an additional $600 of disposable income per month. Money in, money out, I don’t care. I’ve got plenty laying around. And, who knew Prokkie owned so much of the joint? I thought it was just the one parcel and I was going to clean up. I didn’t care to explore more since I saw a yellow box over Brown on the map. I thought his thing was that Ravenglass sim and Ross. So, now, it’s Ravenglass, Ross, and Brown. I don’t care enough to look any deeper. (^_^)

      I’m enjoying having land. I’m currently taking a peek at the new Bay City stuff and friends have pointing out potential parcels for me. I haven’t seen anything worth the energy yet, but, only time will tell. I’ve got two premium accounts and a sweet 10% group tier bonus. I don’t care. =^-^=

      About the Labbies… I dunno. I ain’t been over there in a while because I been building the house in my skybox in Morbidette to avoid fuglying the place while it’s still not textured. I wanted to be consistent in theme, so, I cammed around. Spotted a couple cute boobies pics and IM’d some friends about it. I like being a blabber about stuff like that. I’m a nipple fan, so, I’m gonna say something in celebration of seeing yet another pair. =^-^=

      Though, this did get my attention somewhat. Same happened with Wasted and that free-host-blog he had up. All I had to do was post links to the host’s TOS and report page and *FOOM*, the bloody site is gone. I didn’t have to report it. Just point out it was possible and someone else did the dirty work. I never even found out who. Do I have minions? If so, who are they? Add, how are they keeping track of me? Then again, I don’t care. (^_^)

      In the end, it seems like I have me some minions. Unidentified, so far. But, they’re out there. It’s kinda stalk-ish creepy, but, I haven’t been attacked so far. In the end, I don’t care. SL is fun. I’m having fun. It’s my entertainment dollar. I now own a part of historic SL. I’ve got a Zindra joint line-of-sight from the Ortiz infohub. I’ve got a kick’n full sim with no lag and partial re-creations of Slum City and Privateer Space. I still have my bloody cookie jar! I enjoy SL. It’s not a game to me. It’s “My world. My imagination” tried and true. And it’s not my fault that someone is getting AR’d and suspended for violating the TOS. I mean… That is how rules work, right? (=_=)

      Now; it’s late, I’m sleepy, I’m still enjoying this, but I gotta show up at work tomorrow before the coffee/tea machines get too crowded. Flavia Chai with cream and sugar is what I drink. It’s good stuff. I might get a machine for home one day. (^_^)y

      • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

        Holy crap, I wrote a lot. (O.o)

        Meh… I’m in a wordy kind of mood. (^_^)

  5. Eli Schlegal says:

    Prok is so GD important that EVERYONE knows exactly where all of her property is.

    Aaaaand… the pictures she posted of you didn’t look anything like a child.

    Aaaaaaand… sometimes I wonder if that’s really Carl commenting on her blog.

  6. Lias says:

    You wrote a lot. But never mentioned why you would purposely buy land from the person you are constantly feuding with for three years. And then move in right beside them.

    You aren’t really justified in complaining about the negative attention Prok gives you when you make moves like that.

    Keeping the peace and squashing old butthurt takes precedence over owning old mainland you didn’t even need. I know you will never admit why you bought those two parcels in that sim – but your unhealthy obsession to annoy Prok is more than obvious. You have just taken up where the Woodbury griefets left off over there.

    I hope you don’t get yourself permabanned on this move. Prok documents and reports harassment quite well – and after a while, the Libdens listen.

    Good luck.

    • Sean Williams says:

      Selective reading much Lias? Immy just confirmed what I already said: She does not pay attention to who has what land and where.

      In addition she also stated that she wanted land in Brown for its historical value.

      Basic reading and Reading Comprehension …. relearn both of them.

      You may also want to learn how to cease spreading false information.

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      I’m in no feud. If someone has a problem with me, that’s their problem, not mine. (^_^)

      It’s Brown. I wanted Brown. To me, that’s like the Hammond B3 of SL. (^_^)

      I don’t complain about “negative attention”. I reveal and correct lies. (^_^)

      I’ll admit why I bought those two parcels. They’re in Brown. Legendary vintage SL. (^_^)

      If you hadn’t noticed, I consider Brown to be Legendary vintage SL. (^_^)

      This is value in vintage, just like the current rage over the Wiki deletions. Imagine if the Labbies decided to delete Brown because it’s simply an old sim for a project that didn’t pan out. (._.)

      Prok’s unhealthy obsession to be annoyed simply by my presence in SL is more than obvious. And, you have just taken up where Prok leaves off by un-reading facts and bending other people’s statements to fit your own point of view. (^_^)

      In the end, I own Brown… Which is bloody wicked since it’s legendary vintage SL. If someone has a problem with that, it’s not my problem. (^_^)y

  7. Lias says:

    “If someone has a problem with me, that’s their problem, not mine. (^_^)”.
    A mature version of that statement is “If someone has a problem with me I would try to work it out with them or just keep my distance from them to squash the on-going issues”.

    Prok evicted NCI infohub from property in Brown because of your affiliation with that organization, so you buy property in Brown and add a NCI infohub again.

    Then, after already owning land in Brown, you purchase land you know that the seller is Prok. And soon after her tenants start getting AR’d after being there quietly for many years.

    If you want to go into your fourth year harassing a woman on the Internet then I guess it will go on for as long as Linden Lab allows it.

    I think it’s a waste of your time. I won’t post here again because I think I got all of the clarification on this issue as you are willing to provide (which is none). I’ll discuss it further with you and Prok at gotvirtual.

    • Sean Williams says:

      Way to utterly ignore what you’ve been told AND continue to twist a person’s words around Lias. You have not changed one iota.

      If you spent as much time actually reading and fully comprehending what you’ve read as you do twisting words and ignoring what is right there, in black and white …. But who am I kidding?

      There’s a reason you won’t pursue this further here, just as there’s a reason you don’t post at SC2 anymore: No one to back you up.

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      NCI’s Brown hub is an NCI Land Holdings property in the open air market, where it stands today. NCI was never removed from Brown. What are you talking about? Why are you making stuff up? Have you run out of facts enough to invent stories of your own? (O.o)

      Yes, I bought land and the seller was Prok. I got land, Prok got money, and I thought that was the end of it… At the time. (=_=)

      I can’t say I know much about these ARs. But if and/or not: Why is it MY fault they “peacefully” violated the TOS for all this time? (=_=)

      I’m not wasting my time on anything. I’m not actually doing anything. I own land. Why do you wish to cry over that. Do you want it? I’ll gladly sell it to you…. For $500. =^-^=

      I clarified everything. You just don’t like the facts. That is also not my problem. (^_^)y

  8. Max Kleiber says:

    Only thing I see wrong here is that some people feel that Immy has to justify herself to them.

    I recall the first time I saw Immy, while co-hosting an event back in ’07. I remember thinking how cute her avatar was, and the ever-present smilies did nothing to diminish that.
    Over the years my opinion has not changed, but has grown to include a sense of awe of her stellar talents and apparently boundless energy.

    Immy, you just keep on being who you are. You don’t owe anybody anything. Especially explanations.

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      Thank you. =^-^=

      That’s my weak spot, though. I get super annoyed when people try to sell fictions as the truth and then try to credit their claims as valid due to a lack of response. Of course, catch-22, in responding “Thou doth protest too much”. (=_=)

      Such is the gift of a hard head. One can never feel wrong, regardless of how wrong one actually is. (=_=)

      I’m just glad to see the natural progression of tall tales take place. Stories are changing each time they’re told. It’s excusable when under duress or in the heat of passion. But, when trying to be the role of judge and jury… Well… It raises eyebrows, to say the least. I can keep my story straight and refer to actual documents from the past with links and quotes. To me, that’s far more valid than simply stating something was because I say so. (^_^)

      If I ever get bored enough, I should gather the blog and forum stories together and direct-quote all the inconsistencies and self-contradictions that formed over the past couple years. (^_^)y

      But, for now, I won’t. There’s a Hammond B3 with my name on it that’s begging to ROAR for the day. =^-^=

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