My stuff in your stuff. =^-^=

I always do best when I think I’m actually solving a problem.  (^_^)

Though, that’s why I sucked so badly at school.  All the junk they taught there was solved already.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t be teaching it, would they? (O.o)

So… Making stuff in SL. =^-^=

When new things come out, I like to play with them.  Lately, I been excited by lag reducing script functions and other graphical trinkets given to play with. (^_^)

So, when we got the LinkedParamsFast thing, I dove in head first to make a menu based prim shrinker and later a resizer.  It was nice to see the script become quickly popular with friends… Particularly ones that need to downsize stuff with 0.010 prims. DX

Anyway, later on, I’ve had a shoe maker or two ask for permission to use it.  Hey, yeah!  I didn’t expect it to be good enough to sell, so, I let’em have it. XD

Then came avatar alpha masks.  (^_^)

Heh, I think I hold too low an opinion of shoe makers (greedy money grabbing basta…. OOP!O.O)…

Well, the first thing that came to mind were all the shoes I wore which had invisiprims.  So, I wanted to mod the buggers out!  I started with a simple one that merely killed the foot, but, that wasn’t enough.  So, I renamed it with a 0 and added 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6… Each one going higher up the leg. (^_^)

Up the leg wasn’t enough because I had some open top shoes, so, -1, -2, -3, -4, -5, and so on…  In the end, I had a rather huge collection and a tough time finding a pair of shoes they didn’t work with.  So, I box’d’em up and set them out for free.  Might as well, no?  They gave me what I wanted and can help others. =^-^=

This time around, I included a release.  So, nobody really IM’d me… Well… Except for people who bought shoes which included them and messaged me for customer support by accident. XD

Anyway, don’t bother me none.  And, a friend just told me today that her new shoes use my masks.  WIN!!! \(^o^)/

Next on up, I had a friend ask me to make a colour HUD for her shoes.  She and I never really considered buying a solution or hitting up a contract scriptor, so, good time for some collab work, no? =^-^=

It wound up being pretty slick.  Check it out! =^-^=


I figured a few features would be reasonable. (^_^)

  • The Lightness/Saturation box changes colour with the selection of a hue.
  • The first row of dots help find fixed colours so that you’re not fidgeting around.
  • The large middle dot displays the current colour set.
  • Finally the cluster of arrows and dots below make for ‘memory’ locations.

I’m hoping much of it already makes sense.  The top row lets you set fully saturated red, green, blue, along with solid black and solid white.  The final dot gets whatever hue you’re in and sets it to full Lightness and Saturation.  So, if you want epic yellow… There it is. =^-^=

The memory spots hide a little trick.  The down arrow stores the colour in the space by setting the face colour of the dot below.  So~o~o~o~o… All stored colours will even survive a script reset!! XD

From there I made a LinkedParamsFast colour changer to listen to the HUD and it all worked out in the end. =^-^=

Of course, what’s the use of tooting my own horn without showing stuff off!? (^_^)

Well… My friend finished her shoes!


And, here’s the slick part.  She included a touch of magic thanks to some newly available tricks that can be done now that invisiprims aren’t needed.  You can see they’re a bit shiny.  The shine never goes away.  You can set the bloody things to any colour and the shine and shade will look just bloody fine! XD

Slick, no? (^_^)

She got’em up here =^-^=

So, like, if you go and buy them… You’re gonna have another thing that’s my stuff in your stuff! (^_^)

I’m still doing a “Guest DJ” thing so that people can run their place as ‘Bring Your Own Stream’ if anyone decides to mob while the regular crowd is away. =^-^=

Oh, and just as I was typing this another shoe maker asked for a copy of my AV masks!  Frigg’n YAY!!! \(^o^)/

… Now, if I can only put some time into building my market… And the home for Brown… I should DJ more… GAH!!! DX


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  1. sandra says:

    Didn’t understand a word of the technical stuff but I got the impression this could be the start of something big. Nice work Immsy

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