I been quite quiet lately, ain’t I? (o.o) … and, Justice League Unreasonable! (=_=)

I dunno.  If anything, I been moody and much of time is spent throwing emo-blargh at my friends. DX

Either way, I’m still here.  I’m working up the energy to do another Frigg’n Stuff video.  Just gotta get out of my ‘bleh’. (-_-)

But, so, like, my computer.  It totally blew a couple weeks back.  Oh, maybe I can blame that? (>.>)

Anyway…  Win7 got really grumpy.  It reached the point where it would load the login screen then black out, then load, then black out, then load…. You get the point. (^_^)

So, not finding a solution I just up and re-installed the OS… Which was gladly easy and kinda made things generally more stable than before. =^-^=

One-by-one, I’m putting my old apps back.  I’ve always kept my files on network storage, so, no loss there.  Things are falling into place again. (^_^)

Has anyone been keeping up with the JLU mess lately?  I sure has heck have.  There’s quite a bit of bitterness on my end over their deeds.  Honestly, the whole IP address collection racket doesn’t even bother me.  I know what they can’t do, so, I meh in their general direction. (^_^)

But, this whole ‘leak’ business.  It happened once before.  And, it further goes to show what they’re really doing. (=_=)

On my own part, they’ve expanded their page on me to note that I moved my blog to Darkly-cute.com, add some information saying my gramma monitors my web usage…. WHA!?! (O.o) … information about my visits to therapy… EH!? (o.O) …

And… “Illegal sex acts”… DUDE!!! W-T-F!? (O_O)

This is the one that bites me.  Of the numerous falsifications found in my “record”, this one is the most heinous.  (=_=)

But, you know what?  It stands as an example of who ~THEY~ are.  What I see is the words of a person who will stop at nothing to assure himself that his actions are justified.  (-_-)

All of this in the role of a superhero. (=_=)

But, they’re getting that wrong, aren’t they?  (O.o)

I mean, which superhero maintained logs of his opponents?  Not just villains… Opponents!

Which superhero kept a name list with black&white comparison between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ people.

Which superhero worked in the degree of privacy that they had to slink away and cover the cameras when their efforts were put to question?

Which superhero exaggerated and falsified information on his opponents in order to villify them.  Remember, not villains… Opponents!

Now… How much do the actions above sound like attributes of villainy? (=_=)

Point: made. (>_<)

Really.  The only word I can come up with to describe this crowd is ‘cowards’… Yet another villainous attribute. (=_=)

At this point, it looks as though they’re preparing to go down in flames.  They’re defending their actions to those that they’re acting against.  What do I see?  I see a protection racket and stalker community.  (-_-)

Really, how can anyone expect to be protected by a group that can’t even cover its own butt? (>_<)


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6 Responses to I been quite quiet lately, ain’t I? (o.o) … and, Justice League Unreasonable! (=_=)

  1. Dale Innis says:

    What do we actually know about what JLU’s done, vs what that anonymous TheListSL or whatever it is site claims that they have done? Always hard to sort through the evidence and rumor in these complicated dramas…

    I know, I should just read the huuuuge SLU thread. >_<

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      I’m pretty much stuck with being quite aware of what they’ve done and what they’ve been doing for as long as I can remember. Much of what TheList has been saying matches my own experience. And, I’ve found some events I’ve triggered in their tracking system that TheList has been able to report to me before I bring it up. So, at this point, the leak is live and it’s showing what I’ve wanted many people to see for a long time. (._.)

      • Dale Innis says:

        Ummm… If TheList is able to tell you about things they shouldn’t know, that is evidence that TheList has information that they shouldn’t, but it’s no evidence whatever that the JLU does.

        I gotta admit that the JLU’s posting on all this sounds far more credible to me than anything I’ve heard from the other side, which is pretty much entirely unsubstantiated repetition of stuff anonymously posted by TheList…

      • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

        Having dealt directly with Kalel in the past, it will be very difficult for me to trust anything he says. He has the benefit of being confident and articulate so that those from the outside looking in perceive his points as honesty. But, I have to take into account the inside information I have, the shifty and dodgy conversation tactics I’ve directly witnessed Kalel, Green, and others rely upon, and a general manipulative nature on their end where even an extra button on a client screenshot is reason enough to flag someone as a griefer. (>__<)

  2. Alec says:

    My god. I’m hardly down and jiggy with the latest SL happenings, but are these self-appointed spandex wannabees still floating around? I’d have thought they might have faded into obscurity by now like so many other irrelevant blowhards.

  3. NotoriousD says:

    Dale, this isn’t just what TheListSL says. This is what the leaks say. I’ll be upfront, yes, the leaks are information that wasn’t exactly collected using the most moral means, but the information the leaked BraniacWiki pages contain is, in my opinion, more than enough to completely dwarf the actions taken to obtain them.

    In the 2010 leak, a JLU member that joined with the full intent of exposing their actions leaked it. In the 2011 leak, an apparent long-standing JLU member who’s decided that “enough is enough” with their immoral actions and knowledge of what their leader, Kalel, does to any JLU member who challenges him or speaks out against him, was the one who leaked it.

    Moreover, the JLU have filed numerous, VERY numerous, Digital Millenium Copyright Act takedowns towards practically EVERY site found hosting their wiki materials in the 2010 leak, right after claiming it was false evidence and not theirs.

    In case you didn’t know, filing a DMCA is actually pretty much stating “This information is true, this information is mine, and I want it taken off of this site”. So yes, this information has been confirmed BY THEM to be factual information, and the info leaked in the 2010 leak alone was enough to condemn any average SL player.

    I’m unsure if they’ve DMCA’d, or tried to, the 2011 leak, but if not then they’re at least learning how to not be so stupid about these things. HOWEVER, their own members, in the midst of the recent heated discussions on their actions, have admitted that the info in this recent leak is real and factual.

    The JLU have confirmed for us on BOTH accounts that the data claimed to be leaked from their wiki is not falsified information, but rather really is their own, unedited by another party, information. So yes, this information is trustworthy.

    As for why the illicit actions to obtain the information took place at all? The JLU heavily moderate everything on their own blog, refusing to approve any comments that question them or bring anything about them up in a bad light. They ignore as much as possible any self-thinking person questioning them who refuses to just accept their word for something. In the recent discussions surrounding these events, they’ve shown to be VERY hostile, condescending, and snobby, towards anyone who challenges them without just taking their usual “Trust us, what we speak is the truth” argument with a smile and a “More, please”. This group has shown they have felt, still feel, and likely will almost always feel, that they are not accountable for anything they do, and that they have no reason to respond to any form of questioning or severe criticism towards them.

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