Understanding understanding. (^_^)

Just got an update from a friend about Google’s shut down of their free translator API. (^_^)

Really, things can stay the same.  There is a solution if not many. (^_^)



You know?  That don’t sound so expensive.  Surely the Labbies have some back-end stats on how often the translator is used.  I mean, I would. (O.o)

Bing is an option.  LL copping a deal with the Googlieites could get it done.  Online real time translation in SL can live on. (^_^)

Google has announced their pricing for continuing the use of the Viewer 2 and other viewer-based translators in SL.   I doubt anyone will actually go bother with this because of the hassle and costs for one person to pay for their usage.

Oz has updated the definition of STORM-1577  for open sourcers to fix it so Google Translate can be continued to be used in viewer 2 and so on…  Looks like with all the hassles involved, that end users have to log in to a google checkout account, pay (with a credit card 20 bucks), copy and get a key, etc etc….    that nobody will bother to do this.  Someone who does will no doubt give out their key which is violation of Googles TOS, as I understand it.

Seems like eventually some bloggers will be up in arms when they realize they lost the ability to chat to anyone for free because the cheapskates at Linden lab won’t pay 20 bucks for a million keystrokes.  A million actual translated keystrokes.

Thats not counting those who have it off.. people that actually use the durn thing and have it on would count, and rarely do I find someone who even knows it is there.

In any case, Google has announced their pay policy – it’s $20 per million characters LOL.   Cheap cheap cheap… that’s two thousands of a cent per peck at a keyboard.

If you assume that millions of keystrokes actually pass thru the Linden clients a day, and some proportion of them actually have translate turned on, I doubt this would cost very much for the Lindens to absorb.

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