The mornings after. (^_^)

I meant to do a Frigg’n Stuff video on Monday, but, I was still nursing a grumpy new install of Win7.  So, there went that morning.  (._.)

My biggest problem being that my motherboard was discontinued half a year before I bought it and support stopped not soon after.  So, no Vista/7 driver support. (>_<)

Then I was all extra busy yesterday, so there went that morning. (>_<)

Now… I’m abusing my lunch break. =^-^=

But, anyway… SLCC… I had a frigg’n BLAST! XD

It was fun to meet all those people I’ve seen in pixel for so long.  Along with seeing that our personalities don’t shift very far at all between online and offline contact. (^_^)

One regret… I didn’t go to the WU party.  Still too shy.  I still need my antisocial alone time in the evenings.  (._.)

Besides that, I attended a buncha panels.  I messed with Charlar during his mesh presentation.  And, I relayed the identity panel in text to the inworld attendees thanks to a cut stream courtesy of the cowards in the Justice League. (=_=)

… Which reminds me.  I gotta ask for a copy of that video.  =^-^=

Over all, it was a wonderful and relaxing experience and a rare chance for me to see people outside my house.  (^_^)

Oh, and the best part… No Prok! XD

But, now, I’m hooked.  Given the positive experience this time around, I’m sure to go to the next one, and the next, and the next… =^-^=

Thank all y’all for making SLCC11 a great experience and ALL HAIL SQUISHIEHORSIE!!! \(^o^)/

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1 Response to The mornings after. (^_^)

  1. Nyx says:

    You totally rocked relaying info in-world on that identity panel.
    Thanks again!

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