How ironic is it… (O.o)

That a statement like this: (

Or there’d be riots from other groups at the thought that anyone was going to take power — one thing I opposed vigorously — and wasn’t alone in this — was Cabinhead, a project by oldbies to take over the new user experience on an island where they’d get to block anyone they didn’t like, ejecting griefers but also not allowing in anyone else that formed any competition to them.

Is followed during the same weekend with a topic like this: (

Crap Mariner/Laurence Simon Banned from Posting Here

Heh.  Crazy people are funny. (^_^)

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3 Responses to How ironic is it… (O.o)

  1. Crap Mariner says:

    We, we most certainly are funny.


  2. NotAcommieokyeahiam says:

    Eh, old hat. Catherine Quixote is always good for giggles. I’ve heard of the same people being repeatedly banned a half dozen times. Meaningless in a world full of proxies, but pretty amusing as she attempts to csi all the people she currently hates to those same said people and square-peg round-hole them collectively in to whatever conspiracytechnocommieredscareevilplottostealhercookies she has brewing du jour.

    If nothing else her best quality is her dependability and consistency in her deluded need for attention. Always good to break up the occasional dry spell in intertubez lawls.

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