Hot Rod Linden! (^_^)

I’m start’n to feel quite optimistic about the state of SL. (^_^)

@Rodvik Linden presented us with this nice little social binge yesterday.  Not only did he follow over 200 SL residents… He also joined the SL Universe forums. (o.o)

He’s all over the place! XD

Oh, I might add that I got a survey last week from the Labbies.  And it was ACTUALLY a good survey!  I mean… It asked questions about communities, roleplay, and how the current rules and guidelines negatively effect my experience. =^-^=

That’s pretty wicked.(^_^)

But, anyway, getting back to Roddie…  I been hearing and saying it over and over… “He gets it!”… I mean really. (^_^)

He’s got the whole video game experience down pat.  Probably even has a ton of lessons learned picked up from The Sims Online.  He notices the desire for creative outlets and sees people swarming to stuff like Minecraft.  (^_^)

So, here he is in SL, Twitter, SLU, and all up in our faces.  He’s giving reassuring little messages that him and the other Labbies are paying attention… =^-^=

He’s being… Human! (O.o)

I’m sure there’s a ton of oldbies who remember when the Labbies used to be human. =^-^=

Thems times are returning.  (^_^)

Now, I’m still not quite sure what to say since all the layoffs that happened.  If anything, this won’t be the “Old” Linden Lab.  But, from all appearances, the old lab wasn’t really working.  They had(have) HUGE transparency issues, sorry customer support, moody grumpy people set out to deal with the customers, and a history of reactive and arbitrary rules that have thrown people for a loop over what “Your world. Your imagination.” means. (=_=)

So, he’s got some challenges ahead. (^_^)

We’ll see if he’s up for it, I’m sure.  He’s totally putting his war face on.  (^_^)

So, Roddie, you’ve taken the bite… Lessee how much of it you can chew. (^_^)


C’mon… You ~know~ you wanna know what teh cutenezz is up to. =^-^=

/me wiggles. =^-^=


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  1. Imnotgoing Sideways says:

    Update: He did follow just a few minutes ago. =^-^=

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