Our connected world.

Do you remember the massive bird deaths this past winter?

How about the masses of fish which swam ashore only to die?

I remember it being said that the birds died from the cold as a result of flying at a time of night when they’re usually huddled together in rest.

Once I heard that, I turned to my partner and said “Expect an earthquake before summer”.

It seems I couldn’t have been more accurate.  Not just one earthquake, but, a series of very strong ones.  At this point, I’m confident we haven’t seen the end of it.  While I expect things to calm by summer, it’s not quite summer yet.  Only time will tell.

Every creature perceives its surroundings in a different way.  Surely there are light and sound ranges that we’re blind to.  There are earth bound observations that we don’t even know how to make yet.

It’s my belief that the bird and fish deaths are directly connected to some sort of early stimulus that indicates tectonic events in the near future.  I’m having a tough time finding others making this connection.  A Google search on the bird and fish deaths is mired in conspiracy theories, tinfoil hat rants, and religious insanity.

As crazy as it sounds, our earth is talking to us.  It’s a language we don’t understand.  Research is necessary.  If anyone finds an article connecting the bird deaths, fish deaths, and earthquakes with a confident and logical theory, please link it here in comments.

Keep to one link per comment, though.  My spam filter will bump posts with multiple links.

I have lived my life prepared for an earthquake, so, I’m making no changes.

There are very few locations in the United States that are 100% safe from earthquakes.  But, they’re prone to annual hurricanes.  If you’re not prepared for a month or more without electricity, gas, or running water… Please consider it for your own sake.  No need to build  a bunker.  Just keep some things around and maintain them.  Oil lamps, small tanks of propane, a small barbecue grill… Nothing special.

Be safe. (^_^)y

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  1. sandra says:

    Well this is very strange. Because following your previous post about the need to be constantly active and feel useful I was going to say: Immy you are in the wrong time, wrong place, wrong job. You need a crisis, some situation where you can bring order out of chaos, a war, a famine or……an earthquake. And here you are speculating on ways in which you might suddenly be doing exactly that. Creepy.

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