Do you have something to say? (^_^)

I just did a quick check on the current SL releated forums I post on and found that I’ve posted a cumulative 7579 times. How many of those posts have any valid content may be debatable, but, boy howdy have I been talkative. (O.o)

Oh, add that I blog, Plurk, Twitter, and chat with friends via Gtalk, Skype and SL. (^_^)

Seems I got an opinion on nearly everything, no? =^-^=

Well… That and I enjoy the attention. This is my means of communication. I don’t really go to bars or restaurants or malls and stuff. I park my butt on my favorite chair and stab at the keyboard for hours on end. I like it. Helps with my job too. Having a programming and deadly fast typing skillz is a frigg’n good monies maker. =^-^=

What was I talking about? (O.o)

AH! Forums. =^-^=

So, over seven thousand posts is quite a bit. I almost wonder if anything I’ve said has come to a point yet. I’ve definitely said it all. I’ve definitely read it all. Frigg’n funny, that stuff. (^_^)

One thing I find odd is the number of forums and how they cascade in personalities. (o.o)

First, we have the Blogorum… The bastardized red headed adopted stepchild of a forum and a blog. LL used to have a vBulliten forum but yoinked it in preference to the current monstrosity. From what I gather, it’s almost the “peer support” system LL was hoping for. The signal to noise ratio is pretty darned insane. But, the personalities are typically people who like SL, are sick of LL, and often sick of each other… In ways. (^_^)

Next is SLUniverse. Cristiano’s baby. From the looks of things, it’s made up of the people who either didn’t like SL enough to stick around on the regular forums, got banned from posting, or just wanted to deal with less censorship. They tend to treat newbs according to behaviour guidelines of the regular posters. Act a troll and get treated as one. The site also has avatar blogs and Snapzilla… The SL postcard collection. I have some 2000 or so pictures. Nearing half a million views… Lots and lots of ‘Vanity Shots’. =^-^=

Sliding further is Second Citizen MKII. Lecktor’s effort. While it has more moderators, it has less moderation. Wanna post a picture of your own balls? Go for it! And there will be boobs at post 1000. Over here, the people seem to have come from being banned from the original SL forums, SLU, or are just sick of Cristiano’s moderation-to-please-the-advertisers. They’re also, interestingly enough, some of the easiest people to get along with. Geh, is that telling in anyway of my personality? Oh… And, it is NOT a Mulch free zone. =^-^=

But, even SCMKII’s moderation goes over the wishes of some people. While not diving into the depths of /b/, gotVirtual forums is pretty much a collection of people who thought this current iteration of SC was too restricted and biased with Leck behind the wheel of the conservatism bus. The admin/moderation team are mysteriously anonymous accounts with little to no interaction or contact details. Their announcements are posted at the community instead of to. Initially, I found the site when Nina IM’d me asking if that domain was mine. Once we pretty much settled, she quickly segue’d into convincing me to create an account there. I’m all, meh. Another forum. I can play. =^-^=

Add, I lurk 7chan/cake/, Hongfire, and AkibaOnline… And that’s a bloody ton of information to deal with. (O.o)

But, I like it. It’s my idea of fun. I can understand why people would avoid the forums. There were times when I should have considered it as well. But, hey, what can I say? A little controversy goes a long way, no? =^-^=

I can almost hear myself atrophy. (O.o)

About Imnotgoing Sideways

I'm a Second Life avatar with my own cookie jar! (^_^)y
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5 Responses to Do you have something to say? (^_^)

  1. Han Held says:

    Plasces Immy Posts
    * Second Citizen MKII
    * Second Life Blogs
    * SL Universe
    Where’s the GV love? (._.)

    I dunno what to say to your post (maybe you didn’t want a response -where’s the attention in that?), all I’ll say is that a throw-away troll post of mine on the blogorum (is there any other use for that abomination?) garnered >147 posts in 3 days -so they’re entertaining if nothing else. I always feel a chill at SLU and my favorite (ATM) is gV. I’ve no idea what to say at scmkII.

  2. Dale Innis says:

    You poor, poor, creature! :)

    The only one of those places I can stand at all is SCII, and even there I very seldom get around to keeping up or posting. (Despite my enormous crush on Cale.)

    I think my problem is that with my serious xkcd/386 tendency, I would never never get any sleep. And I would always be grouchy! It’s impressive that you can swim around in those waters and come out cheerful. :)

  3. Vic Lenoirre says:

    I like SL universe, found a post about blender there. Hehe.

    I like forums, but usally forums for tech stuff or politics and philosophy. :-)

  4. sandra says:

    I do envy you your ability to just pour out your thoughts and feelings like this. It seems like great therapy and you seem not to be troubled by self-censorship. How wrong I was to think you only spoke in three-word sentences. Are you bipolar by any chance? I mean is it likely you will suddenly go into a suicidal slump?

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      So far Bipolar syndrome hasn’t been mentioned. When I was in my slump it was consistent, long, and deep. (>_<)

      My little 3wordisms on the blogorum was a game I was playing that I still continue. The format is already too difficult to follow and read, so, when people put their page-long tirades up all they ever accomplish is an illegible wall of text. So, I've been responding as briefly as possible. Many times expressing my opinion quite concisely. =^-^=

      And, yeah… This blog is my dumping ground. It was one of the suggestions of my therapist to keep a journal of my thoughts and such. I already had the Google blog, but, it was far too inconvenient to post to and I was constantly worried that I'd be censored in one way or another. Here, it's my domain, my rules, and a far friendlier interface. (^_^)

      Vocally, I'm far from chatty. I've gone without speaking for up to a month at a time. 99% of my daily tasks are keyboard, programming, Email, or design related. My guess is that my word-dumping online is a matter of me seeking an outlet to set my thoughts free. I have to say… I'm enjoying it. And, I'm usually 4:1 in chatlines while I'm inworld. =^-^=

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