Arcadian Conundrum… (=_=)

For one… Since when have I known how to spell Conundrum correctly? (O.o)

Okay on topic. I’m gonna make this one quick. (^_^)

Alrighty… You may know that I’m doing a rather large scale build to resemble Arcadia’s Slum City. I’ve got the space. I’ve got the prims. I’ve even got the sewers, roads, and subway all set up quite nicely. (^_^)

But… In checking what’s available… There are only, what? 5 or 6 buildings? (._.)

If I work with just that, it’s gonna be a very redundant city with the only attraction being the maze of sewers below. (._.)

So, like, ideas. (>_<) I have, as supplied by Mally; The Arcade/ Pawn shop, the Bodega Market, Two types of apartment buildings, a big warehouse, and the mission building. Does anyone have anything else to add? I'm talking full sized structures like homes, stores, maybe even a gas station. Is Arc's stuff still out there? (o.o) I'm gonna bug her about it too... Meeeee wannnaaaaa!!! XD If they're not available. What should be my plan of action? I could learn and emulate Arc's technique and make new buildings... They won't be as good. I can bug her to make new textures and such, but, I don't wanna make too many demands of her (unless she considers it fun. =^-^=), or, i can just make redundancytown with the hardware I have at the moment. (O.o) What would be the coolest thing to do. I know it's my build and my option, but, I want it to be something people enjoy just like the former Slum City was enjoyed... Well... Without anyone trying to convert it into a BDSM joint. DX So, c'mon. Any ideas? Any inventory. I'll accept nearly anything... Besides you saying the dog is telling you to kill the men on Mars. (^_^)y

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6 Responses to Arcadian Conundrum… (=_=)

  1. Max Kleiber says:

    It strikes me that having the buildings repeated would not be a bad thing as it would tend to keep the theme tied together over a large area.

    What would become repetitive would be having the same contents in every building. You might consider breaking things up. And I mean that literally. One apartment building would give the impression of being viable and occupied. The one next door would be condemned: missing doors, holes in the floors…

    And what about leaving a couple of vacant lots?

    Have you ever seen “Bladerunner”? Basically, I think you want to avoid locking yourself immovably into trying to duplicate Slum City. This is an artwork, inspired by a previous work. Something dystopian would be kind of cool.

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      Good thinking, that. (^_^)

      I’ll look into filling the existing grid with what I have on hand then look at what I can do from there on out to add character to each one. (^_^)

      And, yeah… Slum City it will never be. For starters, I’ve never actually seen a full picture of the place. Everyone has tons of closeups and self pictures, but, I’m yet to see a map, sky, or panorama of the place. (>_<)

      Though, given the draw distance people were running back then… Maybe I don't wanna. (O.o)

    • “Dystopian?” Is there Sci Fi in SL that *isn’t* dystopian?

  2. The original slum city also had a large “park” in the middle with a statue of a mounted figure, as well as a nondescript structure with a “playground” (with the rusty playground equipment) to emulate a school ground. So it was not wall-to-wall buildings.

    Go back a couple on this link for a lot of shots of the ol’ place:

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      Of course!!! I totally neglect Snapzilla. I see a rough for the park. I have all the pieces and a location for that. It’ll surely reduce the necessary building count. I’ll dig into the textures and see what else I can do. (^_^)

  3. Darcyblue says:

    i think to myself about slum city… ” if there was a train to derail here.. what would it look like?”
    a maze aboveground traincars stacked up everywhere in there, and below the sewers.

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