Blen-Durrrrr! (o.o)

Okay, so, yeah… It’s been a long time since I said anything here.  Stuff kinda happened.  Work got really fun lately.  Netflix.  And I been watching 100 too many Blender tutorial vids. (^_^)

I really wish I could get NextGen Gallery to behave.  It would be easier to show this stuff off. (=_=)

Anyway, SL has been pretty cool lately.  Kind of quiet, though.  Not sure what to make of that.  But, considering I tend to be afraid of everyone I know, I guess that’s to be expected. (>_<)

But, Blender! XD

So, I been having a blast with Blender and cycles rendering.  Especially making shinies. =^-^=

Most of the times I been sticking with the most basic of shapes and a texture here’n there.  Doing it mostly for fun, so, I haven’t really … Well, I don’t quite know how to do complex stuff, really. (O.o)

Anyway, stuff rendered in cycles is really cool.  I been making all kinds of things with different shapes to see how reflections and such behave.  I even did some fluid stuffs. (^_^)

For SL, I’m making an attempt at a rigging.  I expect to break things really soon, so, who knows if I’ll ever be able to upload it.  For one, when using Avastar, how would I rig 3 to 4 LOD models and have them come out the same? (O.o)

Once I figure that, I’ll have me one trippy barely-there plugsuit. =^-^=

Here’s the project in action. (^_^)


… And here’s some of the stuff I been doing in cycles. (^_^)

Metalismiley SplotchyGlassOverMercury GlassyBoxes

LooksDangerous LumpyJar RainbowSmileyH

SmileyRoom DCSmileyGlare JelloSmiley

Why yes.  I am quite bored… (=_=)


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