You’s Trollin’n! DX

My cat… Loli… I have come to the conclusion that she’s a troll. (O.o)

Why do I say this?  Well, there’s two versions of Loli that I see.  One for me and one for my partner.  (o.O)

For me, we troll each other.  One minute I’m poking her in the head or spinning her on a slick spot on the floor.  Another, she’s pouncing on my leg and grabbing on for the kill.  We have a mutual agreement of what is playful and we torment each other day in and day out. =^-^=

For my partner… Well… Suddenly Loli is always in the mood to find higher ground and seeks out things to chew on.  Anything is game and all my partner can do is yell or call out my name.  Funny thing, once I show up, Loli finds a safe spot, squats, and plays innocent.  Of course, I know and she knows I know to my partner is left guessing and frustrated. XD

What it boils down to is that I think my partner doesn’t “get” the kind of fun Loli and I have.  As a reaction, Loli finds things that riles things up and provides the same kinds of fun without the same kinds of reciprocation she gets from me.  In the end, I have a blast, she has a blast, and my partner is left with the frustration of dealing with a cat which just won’t behave. (^_^)

… Or at least behave as expected. XD

… But only when I’m not around! XD

This all reminds me of certain someones I know in SL.  I won’t name names, but, the crowd I consider fun tend to treat me well.  But, when left alone with certain other someones, all hell breaks loose.  Of course, one of these certain someones (to be left unnamed) is much like my partner… Constantly irritated to no end of our presence and desperately seeking ways to end this irritation. (>_<)

Really, it’s just that we tend to have different ideas of “fun”.  And, right now, Loli is shoving herself between the blinds again to reach a window best left unreached! XD

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I'm a Second Life avatar with my own cookie jar! (^_^)y
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