… or maybe Guild Wars 2? (o.o)

I still contend that I’m not a gamer.  WoW made me bored and confused within an hour.  Eve is okay when I can steer clear of PvP yet still rat some quality NPCs.  Aion is good because I can make my character small and cute, but the closer I get to level 20, the more I dread running into PvPers.  I still like my Tarutaru in FFXI, though much of the fun is too hard to achieve without friends. (>_<)

So, new game.  I didn’t quite know it was a new game.  But, anyway, Guild Wars 2 came out a week or two ago… I guess.  And I been having fun.  I picked an Asura Elemetalist who invented some teleporter thingie.  What’s that mean? (o.o)

Well, Asura are the little cute ones.  Almost rodent-like with the most intellect of any character in the game… And egos to match. (>.>)

An Elementalist is someone who can cast spells based on 4 elements; Fire, Water, Wind, and Stone.  So, combat comes with a lot of flashy splash-foom-zap-kaboom. (^_^)

The invention ties in to what I guess is my character’s personal story.  This teleporter thingie just barely works and someone else claims the patent to it.  Of course, like any valid patent holder, they’re resorting to extortion, theft, and kidnapping to prove their point… (O.o)

All in all, there’s a lot to do.  I like the whole events thing where a small section of the map goes all out chaos.  If you contribute to making the most things go boom, you get awarded a bunch of experience and monies. (^_^)

I paid bunches for this game, so, I really want to get my dollar out of it.  So far so good.  I take breaks to log in to SL and see if any friends are around.  Since nobody notices me, I go back to the game.  I like being this cute. (^_^)

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I am Deenga on the Isle of Janthir server. (^_^)

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