Why? (^_^)

Well… I had a bloody good holiday. =^-^=

Much of it was spent in SL, but, at this point that’s my idea of good. (^_^)

Why? (^_^)

Dunno. I’ve kinda reached the point that I’m really able to have me some fun. Though, I been getting overwhelmed lately. I haven’t been able to accept every invitation or give help to everyone who has IM’d me… Still, what I need to keep me going is all there. (^_^)

Why? (^_^)

Well… This past week marked the return of a good friend and personal hero. Arcadia Asylum, Aley Arai, Lora Lemon, and now… Just Aley… Names known to me by her rather constant stream of alts. In fact, she was using a different account when she just returned. Though; hanging around the sandbox, finding this stranger who immediately greets me with “IMMY! ! ! ! ! !” upon arrival, listening to her rant about prims, textures, and freebie resellers… Didn’t take to long for the brain to tick “Okay! Arc’s back!” =^-^=

Why. (^_^)

Simple… People know their friends. Especially the quirky ones. While I’m not oldbie enough to remember that actual Arcadia Asylum account, Aley was surely a memorable persona. Gladly, she was more interested in being Aley. So, it was easy for me to settle in again. I gave her a quick walk-through of how much SL changed since her last visit. I told her about display names and the “resident” accounts… Which drove her to immediately create an “Aley” account. And pretty much settled in as if she’d never left. (^_^)

Why? (^_^)

There’s something just ‘right’ about spending time with her. Much of my circle of friends are people who want to roleplay, log off of SL to play a game, stand around and people watch, or get so involved in an offworld project that they don’t really have a good reason to keep their avatar logged in, but, logging out is too much of a distraction. (=_=)

Why? (^_^)

I’d really like to know. There are times when I’m curious about the circumstances which led me to meet the friends I’m closest to. We’re so often polar opposites. I want to be noisy, in motion, active, and involved. They tend ask for silence, stillness, patience, and passive participation… That is to say; don’t do anything, just watch. It’s not exactly fun for me. I tend to get drowsy as the time churns on. Such days, I’ll be in bed by 9:30 due to inactivity, boredom, and frustration. (._.)

But, that hasn’t been the case this past week. (^_^)

Why? (^_^)

Finding “it”. The “it” that makes a day go smoother. The “it” that keeps me awake all the way past midnight simply because I didn’t even notice the time. The “it” that comes from a friend that I can ping-pong back and forth with “OMG! Holy crap! We gotta frigg’n try this!” So, I’ve been staying up later than ever. (^_^)

Why? (^_^)

I’ve taken on a list of projects. For one, I continue to organize the NCI Dream Seeker renovation team. They’re not exactly going the direction I wanted, but, they’re staying on task so I’m not going to hinder them one bit. I’ve rezzed a copy of one layer of Privateer Space. Using the newly contributed collection that Aley has given the AA Library, I’ve been able to put out the Galactic Truck Stop with a surrounding asteroid field, gas station, and used ship lot. Letting that settle in… I’m starting a restoration-ish project of Slum City. (^_^)

Why? (^_^)

Well… Privateer was a really fun place to visit. While I can’t really replicate the scale of it all, the portion I put out makes for a good sense of nostalgia. It has already had visitors, gotten compliments, and I’ve already blown around the place in my Space Bug. (^_^)

Please consider visiting the place. Visit Morbidette and look for the little white door at the market. Once inside it’ll be down the hall under the sign that reads “Outer Space”. (^_^)

In addition, there’s a new door in the hall. No sign… Locked… That’s my current “black project”. (^_^)

I’ve already dragged Aley up to get tips and tactics on how to piece things together. While I’m going to build using my own layout (Which is already turning into the Winchester Mystery Sewer), I’m going to retain the look and feel of Slum City as much as possible. It’s quickly becoming a full sim sized project and I expect to have a lot of things in place as time goes by. Gladly, I’m getting guidance from the source. =^-^=

So, I think I’ve found a bit of fun in SL… Doing what I meant to do when I joined in the first place; creating and communicating. Being in motion, in discussion, involved, and in the heart of it all. (^_^)

Why? (^_^)

Because Second Life is what you make of it. Your Second Life is a reflection of you. There are no involuntary actions inworld besides account suspension and termination. And you even have to work up to those events. (^_^)

As for me, I’m talkative, creative, wild, and frigg’n insane. So, my SL winds up like that. (^_^)

That said… (>.>)

Why do many people find SL so boring? (O.o)

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3 Responses to Why? (^_^)

  1. Oooh! Gotta see the truck stop! As Bender in my Futurama spaceship.. I haven’t dragged that avi out in years and years, not since Hanja days before Phaze..

  2. Ashiri says:

    TPing into Kuula and seeing a known alt of Aley Arai… that was pretty amazing! And then to see a freshly minted Aley. =^_^=

  3. Dale Innis says:

    Whoa you are takin’ over the’ world these days. :D

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