One more dose! << And teh dramaz! >> (^_^)

Today, like yesterday, Mally and the crew are going to continue the festivities. There will be another Q&A session, for those who missed the first due to the sim filling up. There will be the vendors down in the library to pick at. And there will be Arcadia in the form of Aley. (^_^)

Catch up with Arcadia and Immy on Thursday the 30th at 1PM, followed by the music of AM Quar at 2PM, or at 7.30 PM on Thursday.
Here’s where its all happening :

Seems we had some naysayers. A small portion of Hobo builders claimed they “have” the “real” Arcadia. But, from my guess, this person is making the claim on their own… Which, in my mind, is not something Arcadia would do. The Arcadia I met in the form of Aley Arai was in perpetual self denial about the quality of her work… And quite a bit of denial of her chain of alts, starting with Arcadia. (=_=)

So, for someone to come around and tell a very small subset of only Hobo builders that she’s Arcadia… Doesn’t feel right. What about NCI? Beverly, Garn, or otherwise? No. Instead I get this story…

[2010/12/29 12:05] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): She created another “Aley” account and changed the display name to Arcadia. (^_^)
[2010/12/29 12:05] Lemondrop (lemondrop.serendipity): User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.
[2010/12/29 17:38] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): I doubted at first. The NCI mob was quick to catch it. But, I was able to weasel some things out of her. If she’s not, she’s her sister or one heck of a RL stalker. (^_^)
[2010/12/29 17:38] Lemondrop (lemondrop.serendipity): the real arcadia is here
[2010/12/29 17:38] Lemondrop (lemondrop.serendipity): and she’s very uncomfortable and keeping quiet
[2010/12/29 17:39] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): “very uncomfortable and keeping quiet” << That's not Arcadia. (=_=) [2010/12/29 17:39] Lemondrop (lemondrop.serendipity): whatever you say [2010/12/29 17:39] Lemondrop (lemondrop.serendipity): the whole thing is creepy [2010/12/29 17:39] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): I agree with you on that. (._.) [2010/12/29 17:40] Lemondrop (lemondrop.serendipity): i know who arcadia is for a fact and that is NOT her [2010/12/29 17:41] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): I'm aware that I'm bound to the burden of proof. I won't make it my place to convince you of anything. But, I myself, will remain convinced. Cool? Agree to disagree? (._.) [2010/12/29 17:41] Lemondrop (lemondrop.serendipity): No, I do not agree to disagree. But whatever. I just think it's absolutely LOATHESOME for someone to take credit for her authentic talent. [2010/12/29 17:41] Lemondrop (lemondrop.serendipity): It's nauseating and disgusting. [2010/12/29 17:43] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Dunno... She's beet doing pretty good at the NCI sandbox. If it's not specifically Arc's talent, it's right no par. (^_^) [2010/12/29 17:43] Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): on*

So, what can I say. A friend to me of who I quite adore comes back around. She, herself, makes no claim as to who she is or is supposed to be. But, myself and her older NCI friends who knew Arc directly, we know who she is. (^_^)

In fact, with that in mind, I have a question that only Arcadia or a member of NCI will be able to answer. If the “real” Arcadia the hobos are dragging around can’t answer it, I won’t be swayed. There was much more to the kid than being worshiped by people playing homeless. (^_^)y

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3 Responses to One more dose! << And teh dramaz! >> (^_^)

  1. Max Kleiber says:

    Love the tags. Looks to me like you got about everything covered.

    Having read the posted exchange, I really see no purpose being served aside from an attempt to knock over the outhouse.

  2. Dale Innis says:

    I liked “I do not agree to disagree”. Just what would that mean, anyway?

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      Yeah… That threw me for a loop too. I wasn’t quite clear. I guess it’s something along the lines of choosing to refuse that I have my own opinion. (^_^)

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