Well, that was fun! =^-^=

After reading my last post about breaking out of my shell, I got some friendly requests to put on a show at the Forum Cartel hangout. (Thankies Ghosty!) … So, I did! (^_^)

Oh, man was that HAWT! I had a blast.  I got to play all my good cussy songs to the crowd.  We chatted, we danced, we laughed it up.  Frigg’n blast, I tell you! =^-^=

Equipment wise, I think I have it all worked out.  The best part is, is that I’m using the analogue feed.  Going from a built in tap to my sound card’s output lines into Winamp and basically broadcasting every single sound my computer makes. (^_^)

Though, this does mean that I gotta mute SL and all kinds of other stuff.  But, hey! It’s Rock’nRoll!  All else goes silent! =^-^=

So, okay… I finished a 90 minute show at the hangout… But, I was still screaming with energy.  So, whaddo I do?  I frigg’n hop over to NCI Kuula, take over the stream, and rock them out next! XD

Of course… PG sim… So no cussy songs. DX

… Which was a challenge… (._.)

… I need to shift my priorities in the music I buy. (O.o)

But, anyway… So, I did another two and a half hours there! (^_^)


GAH! I love this! I’m all frigg’n misty eyed with joy that I’m able to break out like this.  This is MY life.  I’M living it.  And, I ain’t stopp’n now! (^_^)

Happy Immy is happy. =^-^=

For those of you who went to either of my show, I hope y’all had fun.  (^_^)

And… Critique.  What was my sound quality like?  I know I’m being finicky on myself and all… But, I like a job well done.  (^_^)

So, this is cloud nine. =^-^=

Uhm… What ~does~ cloud nine mean, anyway? (O.o)

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I'm a Second Life avatar with my own cookie jar! (^_^)y
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4 Responses to Well, that was fun! =^-^=

  1. Ghosty kips says:

    Everyone enjoyed the tuneage! And it was awesome to see you having fun. … as far as the sound, I thought the gain could have come up a bit, but no echoes and the stream sounded really crisp. I’m jealous, my system won’t let me use a microphone! … Very cool Immy, I hope we get to enjoy your stuff more often.

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      I’m still quite a bit shaky over what to do with my gain. When I did another 2 hours at NCI I got IMs about the music clipping, but, I got no visual on that with any of my apps. DX

      I’ll work it out. =^-^=

      … And, I totally see no reason to quit… That’s just too… bloody… FUN!! =^-^=

  2. Thanks for the information! I have been into this for a while. Your post was really helpful! :)

  3. Ferd says:

    Thankxxxx for the tip about using the sound card as input. I always wanted to play more stuff in Sl w/o using winamp.

    /me plays carmel dansen youtube over and over and over until he possesses every mind.

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