Shell breakage (^_^)

I been doing good.  Really good! =^-^=

It’s been a peak time for me since I got out of therapy.  I’ve expanded myself into someone more than I’ve been for the past 15 years.  This ain’t a bad thing. (^_^)

So, I mentioned earlier that I went and turned voice on.  I’ve been comfortable with it.  Though, I found I spend a lot of time in places were voice is disabled anyway, so, meh. (O.o)

Either way… I did something yesterday. =^-^=

Check this out… I DJ’d! Xd

Y’all probably know that I’ve established a ‘home’ location for NCA, my Adult chat group for NCI members who kinda had it up-to-here with all the PGness RHN demands. (>_<)

Being an unofficial group, it hasn’t been easy to promote.  I figure, giving it Infohub visible land would be a plus.  So, with the design suggestions of a friend, I built a nice big warehouse and gradually decorated it into what I think is a rather decent social/sandbox/event center.  (^_^)

But, okay, I’m kinda drifting. (O.o)

Flow of thought does that sometimes, you know? =^-^=

Okay, so, I DJ’d.  Whassat mean?  It means that I put the warehouse to work.  I nabbed myself a nice cheapo short-term stream host and played tunes for a bit over an hour.  (^_^)

Not too special, no? (-_-)

Well… I also spoke between songs! XD

So, like, I’m working on my anxieties.  I’ve been able to speak publicly for quite a while, but, never in the context of SL… It felt too much like a phone call for me, so, it would trigger fears in me. DX

I figured it would be a good first step into broader socialization for me.  Still… I was stuttering, pausing, choking, and such.  So I’m not 100% ready.  But, I pushed myself.  Can’t improve without a bit of pressure, no? (^_^)

And, yeah, I used a voice morpher… But, hey.  Immy is my “me”.  I still consider this Immy to be my true self beyond what I’ve been naturally assigned by the DNA gods.  So, I figure Immy has to be rather complete… Squeakly little voice and all. =^-^=

So, there you go!  I’ll probably do more shows.  I’ll surely put more effort into breaking out of my shells.  And, Immy is gonna be more “me” than ever. =^-^=

I’ll announce any plans I got in the NCA group.  If you have a free slot, please join.  I plan to expand the group into an adult education resource that covers the things that NCI is simply not allowed to do due to RHN’s restrictions on mature/adult content.  Any and all help is welcomed. (^_^)

Visit here to see: I have a group inviter at the door. =^-^=

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I'm a Second Life avatar with my own cookie jar! (^_^)y
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9 Responses to Shell breakage (^_^)

  1. sandra says:

    Have you a picture of the warehouse? It’s something I have always wanted…a really big empty echoing dusy place, like an abandoned industrial building with maybe a bit of light filtering through dirty broken windows high up

  2. Dale Innis says:

    Woot, yay! That is great to hear. (Do keep in mind that there are likely to be setbacks along the way, and if and when they happen don’t let them discourage you too much; they are natural and usually short!) Eager to hear Immy’s voice. :) I’ve been thinking about looking into voice-morphing things for various Dales, but so far it’s been too much work to think very hard about it…

  3. Han Held says:

    WTG, Immy! Congratulations! Last year I was diagnosed with agorophobia, so I can relate a lot. Personally just the idea of DJ’ing makes my blood run ice cold. Good work!

  4. Ghosty Kips says:

    Very cool, Immy! Let me know when we can drag you kicking and screaming to DJ at the Hangout. O.O

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      I’m going to find out if this cheapie stream host was a one-time promotional deal or something I can use over and over. I’ll run the test tonight. If it goes well… How does Wednesday at 7pmSLT sound? =^-^=

  5. Kit Namanari says:

    How does one break the shell (o.O)

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      Once peck at a time. I gotta say that much. I’ve been in the process of taking my life back from myself for the past few months. I’m pushing myself very hard. It hasn’t been easy. The anxiety of it all can be debilitating. But, the resulting joy and excitement that results is well worth the price. (^_^)

  6. Natsuki Morigi says:

    Yay Immy! Wonderful.

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