Basically basic. (<.<)

This does not look very promising.  SL “Basic Mode”… Hmmmmmmmm. (=_=)

I’ve tried it.  Basically with basic you get the most basic controls for what’s considered basic usage.  Basic enough? =^-^=

But, what is “basic” usage?  At this point, the labbies have determined that it means no preferences changes, no inventory, no money, no map, no minimap, no HUDs, no avatars beyond the pre-allotted selection, no means of teleporting beyond what’s already listed in… well… From this point I’d have to make things up… (._.)

Why? (O.o)


So, with nearly all media based content, I’m left with gray boxes that I can open and close yet never see any content. (>_<)

I don’t know what directions the labbies want to go with this.  But, even without my webkit issues, basic is an overshoot by far.  It’s the same mistake I see Apple make quite often.  They target a goal of making something as easy to use as possible yet wind up making it impossible to do anything. (>_<)

Hint: The reason people have to deal with such a steep learning curve is that they can’t find the controls they’re looking for.  Further making it impossible to use any controls at all simply… no, basically amplifies the problem. (=_=)y



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  1. Yeah, basic mode is just too neutered to be genuinely useful. It’s only good for complete newbies just starting out(less than a month old). There should be an “intermediate” mode where you have limited access to some regular features. And also be able to switch modes on-the-fly within a session. We’ll see what happens soon enough.

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