What it’s like to be “fake”… (=_=)

Hi.  I would like to announce that according to Google’s policy of reality, I do not exist.  These words didn’t come from me.  I’m not here right now.  You have no idea what my name is.  I am merely a figment of your imagination. (^_^)

Sounds pretty wackadoo, no? (O.o)

Well… Here’s the cold water… (=_=)

GPlus Unseen 01 GPlus Unseen 02

So, you can see, I’m “under review”.  Google needs to do their Googley things to determine of my existence is worthy and valid enough to be a presence on their service. (=_=)

Never mind that I’ve had a presence on Twitter, Plurk, Youtube, Flickr, and various independent forums.  (=_=)

Ignore the fact that my social pesudonym “Friggnimmy” yields over a thousand results via Google search. (=_=)

Don’t take note that about the first 50 results for “Imnotgoing Sideways” are 100% directly related to me via Google search. (=_=)

Totally discredit the point that while about 8 people refer to me by my RL name on a daily basis, a larger online community counting possible 100 or more individuals know me as “Immy”. (=_=)

It’s not like the Google Alert I have set to “Imnotgoing Sideways” yields more than 4 new results per day. (=_=)

Toss that all aside.  This “Imnotgoing Sideways” thing doesn’t exist. (=_=)

Really… Having a Google+ all my own doesn’t account to much.  I can surely survive without it.  I still have a presence on Twitter, Plurk, Youtube, Flickr, and various independent forums. (^_^)

Oh, and my own bloody website and blog… If ya’ haven’t noticed yet. =^-^=

But, to cull my presence on account of being “Fake”… Well, that feels wrong.  In the past, I’d ask friends if I were real.  Back then my depressive disorders were highly out of control and my doubts were heavy.  But, here I am.  This is me telling you ‘I’m right here’. (^_^)

At this point, I can still see what’s left of my existing stream.  I can view my own profile.  It looks like my Gmail and Youtube access/presence has gone untouched.  Gtalk is flakey and keeps losing my status and picture.  Over all, I’d say they’re being sloppy at best. (=_=)

I can see that a one Wieste van Aerde is curious as to what has happened to me.  I just can’t access my own profile to respond directly.  Don’t worry.  I’ve already found how to get through.  The internet is a big place.  =^-^=

If I’m unwelcome somewhere, I’m cool with that.  Your sandbox, your rules.  But, please don’t kick me out of the club on the basis that I’m “fake”.  Because… Well… I’m right here. (^_^)y



About Imnotgoing Sideways

I'm a Second Life avatar with my own cookie jar! (^_^)y
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