Stupid people: You fail to entertain… (=_=)y

Okay… Start here: (=_=)

Then… How about this? (=_=)

And finally… Land here: (=_=)

The stupid. It burns. DX

So, this BACK Blackburn… Already flagged as a retard in my eyes since he couldn’t find the CapsLock key on the day he created his account name… Well… He further revealed to one Daria Afterthought how genuinely stupid he can be. (=_=)

Maybe you don’t know much about Daria. Well, either do I. So far, she seems to be forum token teenb**ch girl (I say that in all respect =^-^=) and has a history of screwing with heads not worth the neck that supports them. (^_^)

So, said useless eater thinks that a RESIDENT is going to be able to qualify him for some goofball “Gold Account” in addition to the perk of… well… Peeking at her perkies. =^-^= … And bloody hands over L$1k. (=_=)

So, yeah… This whole BS mess is being launched over what, $4 U.S.? (O.o)

So… Retard gets called for the retard he is and is left with his pants around his ankles wondering where the boobies gone off to. So, he takes it to the forum. Treats it like some “marketing scam” or whatever. (=_=)

Daria… Busts out the chatlog on her blog… A site that she has 100% freedom to post any and all content (until Google determines it’s against their advertiser’s best interests)…. (But, that’s still pretty lean)… Meaning Linden Lab has NOTHING there. (=_=)

Follow up, Head-up-butt idiot #2, so named Kelz Spiegel blasts out yet another forum thread, linking to Dari’s blog, and simply states “Being ARed”… Uhm… For WHAT, exactly? You want Linden Lab to enforce content that’s NOT hosted on Linden Lab’s site? What a wonderful crock. (O.o)

From the sounds of things… Retard-A and Retard-B successfully get their retard ARs through and it looks like Daria Afterthought… A considerably long-term SL resident… Transferred from the teen grid… Gets frigg’n permabanned. (>_<)


Please describe EXACTLY what you enforced here, Labbies. (=_=)

Because, the way I see it, one person has been ‘punished’ over two other people’s stupidity. (=_=)

Is this like the case where the man defending his own house with a gun gets sent to jail because the frigg’n thief who broke in sued him over being shot? I think so. (=_=)


BACK Blackburn: You are hereby sentenced by mois for being an utterly idiotic, perverted, thinking-with-the-wrong-head, fucktard. (=_=)

Kelz Speiegel: Your sentence will be the result of your bottomfeeding, mindless, sockpuppet role in… Hang on… Who the hell are you anyway? (=_=)


Anyway… You two make a great case for condoms. I’m sure even the frigg’n Pope would change his mind about controception after seen you fine examples of useless eatery. Welcome to the real world. You can’t handle it. You’re doing it wrong. If you can ever find the means of getting stuffed back into your mother’s vaggoo, consider it. It’ll be the only place retards like you will survive in the cruel and scawwy world. (=_=)y

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5 Responses to Stupid people: You fail to entertain… (=_=)y

  1. Asami says:

    Most likely her permaban was given for pretending to offer a Linden Lab sanctioned service that didn’t exist.
    That said, I do hope she gets un-banned… and if not, well, nobody’s ever really gone forever.

    I found it funny that she only knew of the Facebook part of the gold account, though. I’m pretty sure that meme originated on 4Chan. At least, the first I’d seen it was there; way back in 2003/2004 – long before anyone really used Facebook.

    • Han Held says:

      Actually, it started on 4chan -but much later than 03/04; closer to 07/08.

      As you said tho, no one’s really gone -in fact she was posting in at least one of the threads with the account she trolls MAWCT with.

  2. The old saying (or is it new?) “You can’t fix stupid” certainly applies. However I think if the guy’s ‘rents had been fixed, it might have obviated this little fiasco. *sigh*

    BTW: The content at the third link (above) has been removed. More of LL’s delightfully even-handed and circumspect moderation I suppose.

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      I figured both threads would be buzzed by now. That final link was pretty much the most inflammatory, so, no surprise there. I was half tempted to archive them here this morning, but, I had to get to work. DX

  3. Ferd says:

    LOL. permabanned for taking money? can’t be.. Has to be the Linden service thing.

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