Socks are for feet! (>_<)

Oh, charming.  There’s a wonderful little personality on SLU trying to weed out Prok’s lies about me again.  What can I say?  I can go ahead and tell the old facts again.  I’m bored, I have the time. (=_=)

Now the question is; who is this SadlyAnne?  I’m quite curious.  People like to say she’s someone’s alt.  I guess her/his/her/it’s tone may lead people to believe that.  I’m prone to accept everyone as an individual, even if they’re alting around to stir up junk. (=_=)

But, it’s what she’s doing that drives me nutzo.  She generally won’t join a thread until she finds a way to broadly piss the community off.  Most of the time taking the easy way in and trolling with quotes and references to The Mad Blogger. (O.o)

Now, I’m usually bored enough and have time on my hands to muck around.  Particularly at work.  But, I lack the desire to really troll with such an obvious front.  SadlyAnne seems to just want to harm others.  Best I can say is “Meh” and welcome it to my blog. =^-^=



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I'm a Second Life avatar with my own cookie jar! (^_^)y
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