Re: Why doesn’t Immy talk to us more (^_^)

There’s this adorable thread on the LL Blogorum.  I got linked to it through SLU.  The title is “Why doesn’t Immy talk to us more“. (^_^)

The OP reflects upon how wordy I am here as opposed to my “I like turtles!” responses I post over there.  And, actually, I am quite aware of the irony that I’m even put THIS in my blog.  So, like, when I’m done typing… I’ll copy-paste it to the Blogorum just to be fair. =^-^=

But, why don’t I post to the Blogorum more?  Actually?  I do have reasons.  (^_^)

For one, I was one of the participants in the closed beta of the Blogorum software.  We collectively hammered at it, tried out the interface, and found what worked and what didn’t.  Many of the things we directly addressed as problem areas weren’t addressed at all.  Only a few got solved at later dates after the broader community complained (the report button << I raised a frigg’n fuss over this being missing in closed beta) (>_<)

So, that… Threaded mode lag, linear mode confusion, and just overall frustration with the interfaces… Yeah, I’m discouraged from posting. (=_=)

Also, the moderation bugs me.  I haven’t had many posts deleted and I have placed many posts that were intended to be inflammatory to test the limits.  They’re still up.  I posted partial nudes of my avatar.  They’re still up.  I jokingly tell Daria that I’m shorter than her.  It gets deleted.  Eeeeh? (O.o)

( By the way… I ~AM~ shorter. =^-^= )

Then, this will probably be a total surprise… I’m shy. (._.)

Really, when talking to new people, even online, hooo baby do I start out with a low profile.  It takes me some time to feel cozy with any crowd.  I’ve probably been slower here simply because of my frustrations over the page format itself. DX

And y’all are doing fine without me.  I keep an eye on the Q&A threads and people are doing a great job of addressing the legit questions.  Though, the scoring method is totally broken.  If someone posts a “question” (<< You know what I mean =^-^= ) with a preconceived agenda… They just wait until the next buttnuget comes along to agree with them then *DING!* THAT post answers the question!!! …..  ?? (O.o)

So, blegh!  It’s not the people.  I enjoy the attention.  I just see no decent way to use that bastard lovechild of a blog, forum, and answers column (Ooh, three way, kinky! XD) to really reach out to people. (=_=)

So, if I can’t really do anything else, at least I can make people laugh.  Which is why I do all those microposts.  I enjoy injecting a dose of fun in even the most serious conversations.  LOLcats have their limits.  So, I just quip away. =^-^=

And, boy, I really hit the ground running in my blog now, eh?  I think that was a UI thing too.  My old Blogger blog had a really wonky text entry box.  Formatting was frustrating.  I just couldn’t get it where I wanted it.  DX

On a whim, I bought my own bloody domain and shoved WordPress into it.  I reeeeeeeeeeeealy like WordPress. =^-^=

That, and, no admins or advertisers here.  Basically, the only line I have to draw is the one which would garner the FBI’s attention. Me likes~! Xp

I like everyone.  And, yes, I mean everyone.  Even if Prokkie were to invite me over to bark about grid politics or what-have-you over some tea… I’d be all for it.  (^_^)

I’m funny that way. (^_^)y

…. Ooop. Looks like teh adminz deleted the thread.  =^-^=

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I'm a Second Life avatar with my own cookie jar! (^_^)y
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4 Responses to Re: Why doesn’t Immy talk to us more (^_^)

  1. Dale Innis says:

    I studiously avoid the blogorums because (a) the software is awful, as you point out, (b) the signal-to-(pointless flaming and logorrhea) ratio seems really really low, and (c)

    > …. Ooop. Looks like teh adminz deleted the thread. =^-^=

    that sort of silliness… :)

  2. sandra says:

    Thanks for the generosity in calling my thread adorable. I fully expected a few “creepy shit” responses and was grateful that didn’t happen. I know that everyone loves your little contributions to the forum and despite my thread not getting much attention I know many are as curious as me as to why you don’t post more. Now I have the answers.

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      It was fun. I was going to copy-paste my blog post to the thread too… But, found it already got admin-PWNed. So, I stuck that last little line in before posting here. (^_^)

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