Okay, see? I love this! =^-^=

For starters… Paisley!  That frigg’n drove me to tears! DX

So, why am I so misty-eyed?  Easy… Take a listen to this. (^_^)

I’m just… Blown away? Astounded? Emotionally impacted? … All of the above. (>_<)

I mean, really… The song, first of all, is beautiful… An artwork all its own.  It’s a total delight to the ears. (^_^)

The sheer number of voices coming though have the most ghostly effect.  There’s a softness, expected of a choir, but accentuated moreso because of the wait it was recorded.  As you may have seen at the beginning of the video… 185 voices, 243 tracks, 12 countries.  So, this is basically a song recorded from around the world. (^_^)

THIS is the internet.  We can joke about it being a haven for porn, identity theft, IP violations, and so forth… But, then a gem like this comes up.  And, it is a gem… The most valuable kind.  So many diverse people.  So many locations.  Many possibly not even speaking the same languages.  All united in song.  Once again, our connectivity has made the impossible possible.  (^_^)

And, it has heart.  (^_^)

From the looks of things, each vocalist was watching a streaming video of the composer with a copy of the music in their hands.  Each made their own recording, via webcam and sent it in to be included in the song proper.  While being probably one of the most novel ways to record a song, I gotta say again, the result is devastatingly beautiful. (^_^)

I’m honestly still listening to it, right now, again, and still grabbing for the tissues. (T_T)

This is what we’re doing.  This is the internet.  This is harmony.  I love this. =^-^=

Thank you, Paisley Beebe, for linking to this on your Twitter.  I wouldn’t have seen it any other way.  Communication is a gift.  Every single word.  (( I’m reeeeeally gonna beat myself up if I miss your show this week! DX )) (^_^)

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  1. brinda Allen says:

    Through my tears… When we can do this, why must we have all the dammed hateful things I still see? Immy, so well said that when some say we are wasting our time in virtual worlds….stop and listen to that video. I too choose to “waste” my time here.

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