Journey into the… mundane? corners of the mind… (O.o)

I’ll never make sense of this.  People talk about having these wicked dreams, nightmare, and just totally surreal adventures.  Not that I don’t dream, and all.  But, I dunno… There’s just something weird about the way I dream. (O.o)

They’re so…. Mundane. (._.)

I mean I dream of things like… Checking my alarm clock.  Showing up at work.  And I’m NOT EVEN NAKED!!! DX

Okay, so last night… Here’s a fun one. =^-^=

My dream goes like this: =^-^=

I wake up and notice the sun is a bit brighter than I’m used to.  I look around and conclude that I’ve probably slept in a bit.  I’m noticing how sticky my skin feels and assume it’s because I’ve skipped showering for two days.  ( I generally don’t skip showers.  Two days would be super weird. (O.o) )  So, I get out of bed and I’m left with a quandary.  I might be late for something.  Do I take the shower now and then surely be late? ( I HATE being late! DX )  Or do I just show up all stinky and feel self conscious all day? (O.o)

Then… Oh, it’s still Sunday *POP!!!* I’m awake. (O.O)

Like… WTF!? (O.o)

That’s what I get for a dream?  Should I frigg’n shower or not?  (o.O)

Oh well… Maybe that’s why I have Second Life. =^-^=

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I'm a Second Life avatar with my own cookie jar! (^_^)y
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1 Response to Journey into the… mundane? corners of the mind… (O.o)

  1. Calica Siamendes says:

    I put that down to satisfaction with your life. You must get plenty of adrenal stimulation, while awake; me, too. I dream of the studio and getting haircuts and buying sodapop. My real life is dramatic enough, with deadlines and moral dilemmae and spiteful jealousers. This does not preclude the random holy shit torture dream, but those crazy story lines are very NOT the norm. Usually it’s just a filing away of new perspectives and problem solving whatever I made sure to think of before bed. Dream on, dreamer.

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