Eye on Aion (>.>)

Given, I’m kind of running out of things to do in SL, I been playing games a bit more.  I got Minecraft but found that I simply take survival mode a little too literally.  Like, I get to the point where I can survive (food, housing, bed) and get stuck in a rut.  Creative mode bores me, so, meh. (-_-)

I have a Tarutaru on Final Fantasy XI.  I’ve put a lot of play time into her with a level 50 Summoner in dire need of a limit break.  Since I’m so bad at making friends, I can’t quite go on the quest to complete that… (._.)

Eve Online gives me a few ways to waste time, but, the whole sci-fi vibe just isn’t for me.  Same goes for Star Trek Online. (>_<)

Where I’m having most fun right now is playing Aion.  Instead of being my usual healer preference, I chose a Sorcerer role.  With my friends gone, I figured I’d have to get a character which can solo better.  The sorcerer’s ability to make stuff go boom fits that task well. (^_^)

While in SL, I been staying around NCI a bit more often.  I still really like SL in spite of my ruined friendships there.  NCI’s Kuula location continues to offer fun and creative people to chat with, so I can’t complain too much.  Just this passed week, Thinkerer posted on his blog about the place.  Thanks for that. (^_^)

I don’t mean to be so quiet.  I’ve just been stuck in my head lately. (._.)

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  2. Kilynn says:

    There is more to minecraft than single player yah know, did you try out any servers or mods? Also saw your Asura and darn wish I could afford guild wars XD. Ah well I never play the leveling games long, I get bored around lvl 30-40.

    peace and carrots,

  3. awsome blog, ill bookmark and read more into the article later :).

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