It still ain’t a game… (>.>)

So, the announcement today.  SL has gone Steam Powered.  Well, ain’t that just special!? (=_=)

Though, I don’t quite yet know what it means.  To me, SL still ain’t a game, but, with this combination there will be a whole new flood of newbies joining SL and expecting gameplay. (>_<)

An old statement I use to discourage people calling SL a game comes from an observation I have from years worth of volunteering and helping newbies: “If you come to SL expecting a game, you’re bound to be disappointed.”  Now, that’s not 100% true, but, it’s as common as sand at the beach.  So many people come asking how to play this ‘game’ only to get really ticked off by us pointing out to them that they can do anything.  (O.o)

Really, anything and everything isn’t what they want.  Many gamers want a tutorial to a formula of gameplay which yields instant gratification.  SL doesn’t offer that.  RPG players or people familiar with RP style gameplay tend to seek a ‘job’ first.  Thinking there are the same pre-proportioned tasks available to provide ingame/inworld wealth. (=_=)

Oh, how we disappoint them.  Mostly offering the advice that there isn’t anything you’re really ~REQUIRED~ to do in SL.  In addition to the money system being based on real money exchange rates based on buyers buying money from anonymous sellers in a semi blind market.  So, no, there ain’t any ‘jobs’ like the ones they’re expecting.  (._.)

So, what do we do with them?  What does the future hold for the TF2 PvP junkies in SL?  Will every region have to have it’s own Capture The Flag mode?  Will vehicles be in greater demand?  Will rules against gunplay have to go lax? … Jeebus, this is gonna get crazy, ain’t it? (O.o)


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  1. Willy Heartsdale says:


    I don’t remember how I got here, but have enjoyed your perception & wholly agree with it, as well. If you would like to see what we are doing in SL, you know how to find me.


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