I needed moar space… (=_=)

Sooooooo…  Linden Lab wants to know how good my customer service experience has been once again.  (=_=)

Well,  let’s say it wasn’t even good enough to be called bad.  But, I didn’t get a lot of space to say why or how.  So, here I go! =^-^=

You recently contacted support – we’d love to know what you think. Are we…

What happened?
Of the past few tickets I’ve turned in, two were for region restarts due to ghosted prims and one was to a damaged build from the megaprim dump event.  The only one I got a response for was the megaprim dump and only to tell me that a rollback can’t be done.  I’m sure I had to close one of the tickets on my own with no response at all.

Did we solve your problem?

That did you think of the resolution provided?

How satisfied are you with the way our Representative handled your query?

What happened?
If I didn’t get a generic copy-paste response that only loosely connected with my request, I got no response at all.

Did we respond to your query in a prompt manner?

What do you consider prompt?
Within 24 hours.

What can we do to make things better?
Educate your support staff to the operations on the grid beyond a few arbitrary functions and textbook responses.  Many responses are so canned that I often doubt a human is involved on your end at all.  In addition, even after I’ve described my situation completely enough to indicate that I’m quite knowledgeable, I still get the first-in-line generic response given to even the most clueless request.  Therefore, I’m convinced that many tickets are only checked for keywords and are not read at all.

Each entry box had a character limit of 255.  Sorry, but, I wanted to say more than “It’s fine” or “It sucks”.  Wanna tell me that you care what I think?  Gimmee space to put my thoughts in order. (=_=)

Are you reading Roddie? (=_=)

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4 Responses to I needed moar space… (=_=)

  1. Naomi Skosh says:

    Tickets actually get answered? Or, “answered”? When I was ghosted on Mainland, I had to get the parcel owner (thankfully, a close friend) to get on live chat to do anything. I was told that out of the 4-5 support people they spoke to, only the last one actually performed a region restart; the rest asked us to try everything we’ve already tried. One even asked me to just wait and retry after an hour even though I’d been ghosted and had an open ticket for 5 days. And this happened — twice. Both times only that one live chat support who went by only a first name would do a restart.

    But yeah, they don’t even have 24-hour live chat any more. I really should stop spending so much RL money on SL.

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      The restart requests never got a response. The rollback request got a response telling me that my location doesn’t qualify for a rollback. (._.)

      Your situation sounds extremely familiar, though. Many times I’ve been told to do what I’ve already done ad-nauseum. (>_<)

  2. brinda Allen says:

    Hmm….Since “support” is outsourced now, isn’t it? /Me wonders where it’s outsourced to?
    From what I’ve read recently it would indicate that those that do answer us are simply reading from a script and know less about how our world works than I do [if that’s possible!].

  3. Theoretical Schism says:

    The Ontynes were pretty unhelpful without reminders of premium status and allusions to the dropping of said premium status. After my first run-in with a Scout, I started phasing to basic. My second only confirmed that decision. It’s ironic, to me, that even my local cable internet provider’s service rep. unfailingly treats me as if he’s lucky to be the one to help solve my problem, yet LL attempts to lay the blame for every one of my tickets and live chats on me. I know which is a luxury, and which is a utility. I hope LL does, soon.
    They are still the best virt out there, from what I can tell, but after running off one of the main reasons I stayed past my first week (educators), I find myself building as much in OSGrid, Inworldz, Reaction, and sketchup, as I build in SL. I used to prefer SL, because of the people, but now that skype is so reliable for chats (and free file transfers in original format), SL really is turning into primarily a social thing for me. I spent 3 full years as a huge fan of SL for all its potential, and the last year finding viable alternatives for the creative outlet that I needed, thanks to the customer disservice that has become customary at the lab.

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