Beating Webkit Plugin SLPlugin.exe into submission! DX

This is driving me bloody nutzo.  I think since November or something I been getting that slpugin.exe failsauce, no matter what client. (._.)

I had to use Radegast to accept the last TOS update since it was a text only readout. (>_<)

I can’t use search AT ALL!!! (>_<)

Web on prim? Yeah, no! DX

So… What do I do to fix it? (T_T)

Set slplugin.exe to WinXP or Win95 compatibility.  Done that, nothing. (._.)

Install the “Other browsers” version of Flash. Done that, nothing. (._.)

Re-install Quicktime.  Done that, nothing. (._.)

Re-install SL.  Done that, nothing. (._.)

Full system scrub…

  • Uninstall SL, Quicktime, and Flash
  • reboot
  • Archive and delete all dependent files
  • reboot
  • Run CCleaner
  • reboot
  • Install Flash(Other OS), Quicktime, SL
  • Test Flash and Quicktime in Firefox
  • reboot
  • Launch SL…

I’ve run SL V2, Beta, Development, Project, Catznip, Phoenix, even bloody FIRESTORM!!! DX



So, like… What else can I do?  I miss search. (._.)

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4 Responses to Beating Webkit Plugin SLPlugin.exe into submission! DX

  1. Naomi Skosh says:

    I get that error occasionally as well, and when it happens, I have to reboot the whole damned system because all images and javascript stuff on my entire computer would stop working. So like, I don’t think the problem is really on our end. v__v

  2. I’m not having issues with SLPlugin.exe, but I do notice a number of copies running simultaneously .. and they are eating up a major chunk of memory. Any progress on making your system work yet? (And yes, you can reply to my email addy if you wish.) TIA

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      So far I haven’t found a solution. It’s still driving me batty. (>_<)

      As for the multiple instances. I think that's normal. I may be wrong, but, I think SL needs to launch an instance for each rendering on-screen. Meaning, the login screen, showcase sidebar, search, inworld browser, and any shared media prims around. (^_^)

      Funny thing, I have the ~actual~ Webkit client. Available at and it works just fine… Actually, VERY well. (-_-)

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