I likes’em big! =^-^=

Numbers, that is. (O.o)

… Bloody pervs. (=_=)


Anyway… Just kind of looking at things.  One thing I like to admit to is that I simply like big numbers.  It’s something you so rarely hear someone say, but, people really do have an addiction to big numbers. (o.O)

I mean… Check this out:

  • Facebook friends
  • Twitter follows
  • Plurk Karma
  • Klout +K
  • and all those image/video sites with all them view counters.

Addiction, I tell’s ya~! DX

But, I found something else the other night. (-_-)

Okay, I play Final Fantasy XI.  I followed a few SL friends there and been having fun.  But, I’ve been seeing something that irks me a little.  You see, there’s this hub of social activity in the game.  A city named Jueno.  If you want to party, trade, auction, or whatever… Best you start at Jueno. (^_^)

But… Okay, everyone is there.  And lots of people are shouting and yelling into public chat things they want to buy, sell, or services to offer.  Including this thing called Leeching.  So, for g100 per hour… Or was it g100k? .. anyway, for an hourly fee high level players will take you to a high level spot and include you in a party where all you really have to do is stay alive.  They’ll fight the fight and you’ll get epic experience points. (o.o)

Wicked, no?! =^-^=

Well… No. (-_-)

As I’m thinking about it… What do these people get?  From what I see, they get a supertoughie character that they don’t quite know how to control.  Instead of using experience gathering as a way to… Uhm… gather experience, they’re farming this number called “experience”.  Which I find silly because they’re spending all this time pretty much just NOT playing the game.  (O.o)

I mean… Games are fun when we play them, right? (o.O)

Camping, farming, leeching… whatever.  I have a tough time finding the reward.  I have little interested in bragging rights.  I just wanna have bloody fun.  Making stuff go boom is fun.  Here’s a novel idea.  Lets go out and beat beasties up for fun! =^-^=


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3 Responses to I likes’em big! =^-^=

  1. Ashiri says:

    Thinking about this, in SL there appear to be fewer things to be able to brag about. Land, earnings, and how many Lindens on the friends list. (Can one have a rep based on the number of goons and griffers on the friends list?).
    But I have seen this numbers game in RP games… a lot.

  2. Bunjie says:


    I always get you mixed up with that GZ mod…. anyway,

    “Can one have a rep based on the number of goons and griffers on the friends list?”

    Maybe no as that’d be a mighty lonely friends list for some, I suppose theirs inSL™ “brand” rep you can brag about as if you own Bare Rose you’re making some mighty L$ numbers, also screenshots without removing your L$ balance is another “bragging” mechanism, as take Prokofy for instance she almost never hides how much in world capital she has.

    Blog views are another “number” mechanism as we’ve seen with the JLU who attempt to brag about the amount of hits they get and how engaged residents are with their point of view, when it really only comes down to faking it via having an in-world script bump up their hits via pings when someone tps in, blue boxing them into a corner per-visit or by forcing them to load the URL in what ever… and then claiming that Alexa was a good way to say their site had more hits than sl4.me.

    Only a noob would brag about Alexa as it can be faked just like feed burner followers can be faked by registering in bulk followers through emails hosted on your own domain 01@domain.com 02@domain.com, and no one but you’d know and you’d look popular via the display numbers feed burner allows without any context of truth behind it.

    Then you also have the number of sims as a bragging mechanism, or with the JLU the number of abuse reports sent in, or the number of accounts Linden Lab has acted on for what the JLU have said about them.

    The number of wiki articles is another one for the JLU as is the number of residents within your group for pretty much everyone, it’s a shame when the builders brewery bot got caught in a kick out loop because of a LL bug and they lost like 6000? or was it over 10,000 members?

    I guess if LL give us follower numbers people will brag about those and register alts to just bump them up, and don’t forget bragging about their account age, land metrics is another like land barons such as Prokofy does by causing herself to be grifferd for them because shes too cheap to do create anything but drama and all that jazz, well you can cheat at almost anything but you’ll find at some point you’ve learned nothing and it will weigh heavy on your heart, also you’ll be spotted and outed quick by residents who’ve used the service for a real amount of time or have grown naturally and not artificially.

  3. “I mean… Games are fun when we play them, right? (o.O)”

    That’s what you’d think. But this ‘leeching’ thing is in almost every one of these online games.

    Isn’t it kind of what ‘camping’ does in SL too…

    The desire is just for the end moment, not the experience. They want the ‘climax’, but not the… =^O.o^=

    In the MMOs, there’s a very large set of people that just want to win, they don’t want to play. I’m not sure what they get from it. As soon as they win, they complain of boredom and move on…

    Some people play the game to play the game, others hate the game and just want the ‘rush’ from the winning moment.

    These MMOs could make a killing selling characters who’s only purpose is to log in at the final 1-second of the death of a major villain, loot the corpse, wear the goods, and then get logged out and deleted…
    – As absurd as that sounds, I think a quarter of the player base is there only for that 2 minute moment.

    In SL, its kind of similar with campers. They want the goods, they don’t want anything involved with SL, other than the goods. They don’t even really want to use the goods… they just want the goods.
    – They’ll sit for hours on a camping poseball, because to them that is just as interesting as anything else in SL: all the same boredom, but at least you don’t have to do anything during this form of boredom. So after X-hours, they get their climax, get bored, find the next climax or leave…

    And as strange and ‘pathetic’ as it may seem to others, this is a very common mindset and potentially a notable untapped market… handing out ‘climaxes’ without the =^O.o^=.

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