Ebbe and Flow (^_^)

This new LL CEO is seemingly making waves in quite a few directions.  It sounds like he’s going to bring the Lab back inworld and provide backing for education and volunteer communities. (^_^)

… Then these new avatars come about. (O.o)

Then we get a new blog post from a Landon Linden who quite openly described what went wrong and apologized for the dread it caused. (^_^)

M was a flat-out betrayer.  I’m still trying to figure out how Rod got things so wrong.  He sounded so on it from the start.  But, in the end, it turned the lab into a shut-in development house. (>_<)

So, now we got Ebbe.  And, kind of like before, he sounds so on it.  (^_^)

I hear that the Lab has pushed out a sample of what SL is going to be like for the Occulus Rift.  (^_^)

Though, back to those avatars… Ebbe!!! What were you thinking!?!? DX

Look at the first actions of the majority of people who join SL.  All those help and newb areas packed with people in Edit Appearance mode.  What do these new avatars do for that?  They make it hugely more difficult to make those little changes many people are after. (>_<)

Pretty avatars have been shown, over and over, to scare people away from SL just as fast as they attract them.  And, by the way, these avatars ain’t pretty!!! DX

So, volunteers who are helping people spread their virtual wings suddenly find themselves going from “Hey, try this skin and bump the sliders around a bit.” to “Here is how you detach everything and remove alphas and no you’re not stuck in that shape and yes I know the sliders aren’t working and yes, that avatar’s eyes are not affected by the eye sliders and no wearing that shirt you picked up from the freebie mall won’t work on that avatar…” (=_=)

Come on… (=_=)

Though some good is coming from Ebbe so far. (^_^)

He has gotten the attention of some of the helper communities.  Particularly NCI. (^_^)

If you don’t already know, NCI (New Citizens Inc.) started as a group created by Brace Coral.  She had this wonder vision of people helping each other out in ways that LL failed to provide.  And, IT WORKED! =^-^=

Well, guess what, she’s back! XD

Seems she’s had some words with Ebbe and some others to get to stepp’n and bring these helper communities back to the front.  So, in her hands stands NCI. (^_^)

Surely she’s rock’n the boat within the group.  But, it’s a boat in need of rocking.  Some changes is a’coming.  =^-^=

Lessee if Ebbe has things going in the right direction. (^_^)

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1 Response to Ebbe and Flow (^_^)

  1. Wolf Baginski says:

    One of the things I have seen from Brace Coral is a better sense of awareness of how confusing the current Grid can be. That long absence may be a valuable experience.

    One thing that the new AVs made obvious to me is that getting the new AVs out of the Library and into use is a bit strange. It’s not a recent change, but there are all sorts of pitfalls around Library AVs if you want to use components in other Outfits. You cannot fully manipulate the items in the inventory window.

    Either there is something strange in the components that slipped through QA testing, or the viewer code changed, the tests changed to match, and nobody thought it important. There may be a bit of both to it, but the Cool VL Viewer doesn’t have the problem. Since the UI doesn’t have the alternative to the inventory window, that suggests to me the Lab changed testing, and then a bug slipped in which the new components showed up.

    (It’s about Adding the Alpha Layers for the clothing items in the new AVs, only needed if you want to use them with an existing AV.)

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