Dirty Filthy Naughty Jazz =^-^=

Everyone knows the song “I Jazz’d In My Pants”, right? =^-^=

Remember the last orgy you had at church? (^_^)

When was the last time you “donated”. (^_^)

Ever wake up with morning “fundraiser”? (O.o)

Really?  (o.O)

Well… The Lab, in its infinite genius… again, has flurbed on an event notice.  Somehow, there’s something in the wording which triggers a requirement of Adult Content rating. (=_=)

So, what does the naughtiness entail? (^_^)

Well… (O.o)

On the Second Life Forum…

Concert Fundraiser Debuting Sere performing her original Jazz at The Church

Hurray!  It’s been a long wait. Launching ongoing Concert Fundraisers at The Church, debuting Sere performing her original Jazz on Sunday, June 8th at 1pm.  Thanks to Sere’s sponsor, Paradunai, LLC, 100% of every Linden donated goes directly to this concert’s charity – the American Cancer Society here in Second Life.  Come out and soak up Sere’s jazz, and enjoy a dance party at the Pavilion after the concert, knowing every cent you donate makes a difference!  To preview Sere’s music, go to her website at sere-aeon.eliyora.com.  So excited to see you there!

Uhm… Yeah. (o.O)

So, do you see it?  I totally frigg’n don’t.  It could be anything.  And, I gotta say, the Lab has held a really messed up way of handling these things.  (=_=)

So, yeah… What do you see in there which could even remotely, possibly, probably, maybe, sometimes, kinda, should trigger the event as Adult Content®? (o.o)

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I'm a Second Life avatar with my own cookie jar! (^_^)y
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