The Leaf =^-^=

My partner came home with palm leaves from Palm Sunday mass and tacked them high up, knowing Loli’s (our cat) history with plants. All was fine for the week until last night. And, apparently, I slept through the whole thing. XD

Somehow she found a way to ascend along the wall and pull one leaf down and started playing with it on the bed. The ensuing chaos woke my partner up who confiscated the leaf and placed it under their pillow. Loli, knowing where her new toy was, started digging and pressing herself under the pillow. =^-^=

My partner was awakened again and decided to move the leaf from the pillow to under the blanket. Bad move. Loli drove her way under the blanket, pretty much making matters worse. =^-^=

Finally, giving up, my partner got out of bed and put the leaf in our hallway cabinet… To which Loli sat under, gazed upon, and howled at for a while. (O.o)

Then, in the morning, my partner is telling me the story and goes to take the leaf from the cabinet to show me. Once the cabinet door’s magnet ‘clicks’ we hear Loli doing her slick-floor-burnout and she comes racing up the hallway. XD

Once she drifts her way to our feet, she looks up at the open cabinet door with the most wanting look in her eyes I’ve ever seen. XD

She REALLY likes that leaf. (O.o)

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  1. Treasure Ballinger says:

    That’s an adorable story. The heart wants what it wants!

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