Basically doesn’t work. (._.)

ATTN: Linden Lab.  Immy is telling you, you FSK’d up. (=_=)

I log in just now to see NCI group chat displaying the frustrations of our new 2.6 client…

[08:52] ****: im with one here now, i just recommended her to relog :(
[08:54] ****: she got bored and left…
[08:54] ****: grrrrr

And, there already seems to be a rumor going around…

[08:52] ****: yup…can do nothing…only walk and chat
[08:52] ****: andu  must ever explain them that they must log off and come back in advanced-.-
[08:53] ****: and then they think the advanced itsn free ://

So… What are the attributes I see so far? (=_=)

  • It’s optional
  • It seems to be the current install default
  • Which totally cripples the user from the beginning
  • Leaves little to no information about what their options are
  • Confuses them
  • Places extra load on volunteers to explain why SL seems so limited
  • Quickly becomes subject to rumors about additional usage fees


I don’t know what was going through their heads when they decided upon this.  It should have been run through beta and user research stages, quite frankly.  The concept is only half okay.  It’s quite reflective of the other virtual worlds I’ve seen… And seen fail. (._.)

It’s great to want to simplify and minimize things.  I’m quite aware of the learning curve that SL comes with.  But, if this (O) is the problem, this (.) is not the solution. (=_=)

I do hope that this Basic mode eventually comes with a survey for new users, support, and volunteer helpers.  Something has gone very wrong.  Now is the time to say “oops” and go back to the old drawing board. (>_<)

/me pokes Rodvik.  I grumble in your general direction! (=_=)




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9 Responses to Basically doesn’t work. (._.)

  1. Max Kleiber says:

    And.. since there’s no inventory in basic mode….
    you can’t send them a notecard to explain anything.
    Why is it they forgot to add an item about changing to advanced mode in the “how to”?

    And it should be called “Full Mode”, not “Advanced”.

    • Borealis Karski says:

      Actually, you can send them notecards, which will open normally for them to read. The problem is that if they close the notecard they can not reopen it. >_<;;

  2. Ashiri says:

    If this is the SL viewer for the Facebook generation then LL has forgotten the complications of getting the settings right in FB.
    oh, That’s right, most people don’t change the privacy settings.

    And Basic mode should be renamed “Useless” on “Non-functional”.


  3. Asami says:

    I remember when viewer 2 was first released, and people were complaining that they should have made a viewer with a basic mode for beginners, and an advanced mode for power users.
    Now they’ve done exactly that, and what happens?
    You all bitch about it.

    Whenever you bitch about a feature that Second Life implements, remember this: One of you bastards probably suggested it at some point.

    • Max Kleiber says:

      The difficulty is that the basic mode is TOO basic. I have no problem with it, per se, but it strikes me as a rather glaring oversight that there is no instruction regarding how to switch to the “Advanced” mode. A simple additional item to the How-To button menu would suffice, explaining that it give access at no additional cost.

    • Han Held says:

      Yes, and like some weird funhouse mirror LL takes said suggestion and turns it into some unrecognizable nightmarish caricature of itself.

  4. brinda Allen says:

    @ Asami Please stop with placing blame on anyone but The Benevolent Monarchy for the latest disaster with a viewer.
    I have been mentoring nooblets since the days of the old Orientation Islands. A good estimate is I’ve worked with over 1000 new ppl and no matter how difficult anyone ever thot the learning curve was with the old 1 code viewers…. the spewer 2 is an unmitigated disaster for new ppl. Adding further confusion isnt a solution.
    I refuse to even try this latest crap… after nearly four years here and after playing around with spewer 2 for a year off and on….. I still have to constantly IM someone for help in finding all of the *hidden* tabs. I’m not totally ignorant and if I cant find stuff with four years experience…. how the hell is someone new going to do it?
    Bottom line?
    Secondlife as we know it will never be easy.
    Fast?… someday maybe.
    Fun?… absolutely!
    If The Benevolent Monarchy wants to dramatically improve *The First Hour Experience*…. return to where all new accounts rezz at someplace like the old Help Islands…. Allow mentors there to answer questions… return to a user interface with all the commonly used tabs easily seen.
    The greatest success rates we will ever see are in situations where there are ppl like the NCI volunteers available to answer questions, ie: live help.

    • Asami says:

      As someone with around 3 1/2 years’ experience in Second Life I can confidently say that I had no problem at all adjusting to Viewer 2 in any of its incarnations. Just because you are incapable of adapting to a different UI does not mean the rest of us are.

      The likely truth of your alleged confusion with the new viewer is that you’re expecting everything to be where it used to be when it isn’t, so trying to help a new user becomes confusing for you and whichever user you happen to be assisting, whereas those with absolutely no prior experience with the old viewers will have learned the new layout from the start. I started using Viewer 2 with the mentality that it would be something entirely different, and after using it for a while I can no longer stand the old layout. So how does your opinion become of any more worth than mine which is exactly the opposite?

      I think Viewer 2 was a quiet success that most people are simply too closed-minded to appreciate. It finally has an attractive and familiar UI to people with no prior experience, a new, cleaner codebase that isn’t muddled with years of sloppy patching, and some excellent features that with time can be very greatly refined into something everyone can enjoy; but complaining about everything that Linden Lab does has become trendy and cool. So all anyone ever does is bitch and moan and instead use a third party viewer instead of trying to offer helpful feedback.

      Do I think this new basic viewer experience is great? I have no damned clue. I haven’t used it, for all I know it IS too basic. The issue is that nobody I’ve seen (aside from Max Kleiber there) has offered any helpful suggestions on how to improve it. It’s all “Oh it’s crap you screwed up Linden Lab.” because that’s the ‘cool kid’ thing to do. You want to know whose fault it is that Linden Lab gets things wrong? Everybody’s. Because no matter what they do, someone complains, and nobody offers any help. Even the JIRA is mostly filled with mindless complaining without any offering of a solution.

      And before you start wasting your time typing out a reply, how about you do this instead:
      Send your complaints to Linden Lab, maybe via a JIRA report, maybe even via an email to a specific Linden in charge of the Basic Viewer team. Then, along with the complaint, offer some possible solutions, even if you’re not sure it can be done.
      You’ll have done way more towards making SL easier than bitching at me would accomplish.

  5. Imnotgoing Sideways says:

    If anything, it’s a combination of “Be careful what you wish for” and “Do those freaks live under a rock!?!” (^_^)

    I like V2. I adapted to it very quickly and felt comfort in the changes that were familiar to me as a Windows, MS Office, Visual Studio, Firefox, Safari user. It took many oldbies out of their comfort zones, but, y’can’t please everyone. (-_-)

    This Basic thing… Really… Yeah, you can give them a notecard they can read once. Their appearance is limited to what is already available in some simplified AV-inventory. All in all, their interactivity inworld is reduced to walk, chat, and wait. Sorry, but, people come to SL to DO STUFF! Blocking their ability to do so simply discourages them to go further. (=_=)

    I used to be highly annoyed by the “Use Phoenix” advice whenever someone asked how to do something in V2. No, I’m still annoyed. But, at this moment, I can only say “Get out of Basic mode!” when someone comes to me with… Well… “Why can’t I do anything!?!?” …. (=_=)

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