What should I call it? (O.o)


Yah, that. (^_^)

So, I’m collecting up Arcadia’s stuff to generate a build using parts from Slum City. I’ll do what I can to maintain the look and feel of Slum City, but, There’s no way I can consider duplicating the layout. For one, I can’t find a sky/map shot… All the Flickr stuff focuses on Arcadia and closeups of her buildings. I see some details that make the build what it is. I’ve worked with Aley to make sense of a few things, and I spent much of last night filling that grid you see above with the road/sewer parts from my “Part Store” floating above the area. (^_^)

Pending my little wrestling match with finding parcel lines (indicated by the cube colours) and determining which area should have things set to what group, I’ll start working on the sewer proper. While the intersections were randomly picked (I numbered each one and used a “decision maker” hud to pick each one) they’re not permanent. I’m going to play Winchester Mystery Sewer in regards to paths, blocks, tubes, and otherwise. And, oh yes, there will be freebies. (^_^)

I’m still sorting through my inventory to see if I have all the necessary parts. I’m still paying the library and Mally a visit once in a while, and I think I’m gonna beg for Aley’s attention again tonight to get some clarification for a couple more things. (^_^)

With that all out of the way… It won’t actually be Slum City. So, I don’t believe it’s fair to the build to just up and name it as such. But, what should I name it? When I rezzed the Glactic Truck Stop, that was easy… I’m calling it the truck stop. But, here, I’m assembling a sim-wide project. It’s not going to be any one location. Any ideas? Should I somehow integrate the word ‘Slum’ into it somehow? (O.o)

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3 Responses to What should I call it? (O.o)

  1. Max Kleiber says:

    No, in my opinion integrating the word “Slum” would not be a really great idea. My thinking is that it would tend to make it more of a derivative than a tribute. Clearly, the work that was Slum City has inspired you, so a more uplifting name might be more appropriate.

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      Truly. Though, it’s still going to be a totally fowl place. =^-^=

      So far, from Twitter…
      Ashi has mentioned “Urchins’ Underworld”. (^_^)

      And, from Plurk…
      Don offers “Charlie’s Place” ( A reference I don’t quite understand. (O.o) )
      Clint says “Imnotgoing Downthere” =^-^=

      And, taking Tracer’s advice of looking in an only thesaurus, I conjured up…
      “Co-op Corners” (^_^)

  2. Imnotgoing Sideways says:

    Here’s an idea. I’m sure it’ll driver her nutzo. “Arcade Alley”… Taking back the spelling of each word. (^_^)

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