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Courtesy of the LL Blogorum… Duplicated here in case it’s deleted.

Scylla Rhiadra wrote:

ETA: The “trouble” at NCI should serve as an instructive lesson. There are few people in SL with a higher credibility or reputation for integrity than Carl Metropolitan, who was essentially forced out of his leadership role at NCI because of his determination that WU constituted a destructive griefer group, and posed a threat to the values represented by NCI. Immy’s role in that coup d’etat was central. It’s one of the reasons why I won’t send noobs to NCI, despite the excellent services that organization continues to provide. I don’t trust that WU members don’t use their mentoring roles there as a recruitment tool.

You couldn’t be more wrong on all levels. (=_=)

For one; one person making one unilateral decision amidst a group that disagrees with him/her is bound to face problems in the group. Such is what happened. I had nothing to do with it. You over value me. The NCI staff, volunteers, and board of directors disagreed with Carl and answered him with their feet. After, in his own words, “All the good people left” he resigned as well. Knowing the group can go on with the existing staff and the existing rule set, the community gathered back together and rebuilt the necessary organizational roles to achieve the one absolute goal the group has.

“coup d’etat”, “recruitment”, I’ve even heard “influence” and “power” from others. What the hell is wrong with you people? What part of “VOLUNTEER HELPER” don’t you understand? This is a position of service, courtesy, humility, and support. Not a FSKing power pillar of grandiose authority. Quit treating assisting people like it’s some political power play. It sickens me to see the two mixed.

It sickens me even more that you can make such a statement as: “It’s one of the reasons why I won’t send noobs to NCI, despite the excellent services that organization continues to provide.”… FSKing what!? You won’t send people to a place that offers “excellent services” because of your personal bias in regards to an imaginary power play? Sick. Seriously sick. Such a thinking process is so insane and twisted, I have no clue how to begin to comprehend where you’re coming from.

Your paranoia is getting the better of you.

Let’s get back to this “recruiting” subject. I honestly NEVER understood it. I’ve heard many people say it. I need to know. What does Woodbury do that “recruitment” is necessary? How would you prove that this recruitment is happening? How can I prove that it’s not happening? Really… using the term “recruitment” in relation to Woodbury and NCI is like comparing apples to a cement mixer. They’re so extremely unrelated that I don’t even know where you’re coming from. What’s the term? “Coming out of left field”… I’d argue that you’re in the freaking parking lot beyond left field in this “recruitment” argument.

I mean… In volunteering to help, you and I have the same common goal. Get people adjusted beyond the learning curve of the world and client and set them loose to find what they can enjoy in Second Life. Can you cut the crap for a split second and realize that? Can you shut the hell up about this fantasy power play, coup d’etat, influence pillar, threat, credibility, and reputation bull and offer the resources that will help?

Or, does that all go back burner for the he-said she-said bullshite that’s been going on between the oldbies for years?

It don’t for me.

Tonight, while someone is obsessing about how I’m FSKing up the grid for them and recruiting newbits for hell knows what, I’m going to do something. I’m going to teach my Flexi & Light class. I’m going to do a damned good job at it. And no reputation, credibility, influence, power, or whatever BS word you want to apply to the task is going to make a difference.

You, my dear, are insane.

As much as I like you, I find you’re quite delusional and too easily distracted by an artificial notion of credibility.

And, this goes to anyone.

Tell me, when did you see me grief?

Tell me, when did you see me “recruit”?

Tell me, when did you see me force anything?

Tell me, who finds fault in me and do they commonly find fault in people they simply dislike?

Tell me.

Answer my questions or put the he-said she-said bullshit away and do something that actually benefits the community… Like I do. And I FSKing love it.

You’re only hurting yourself and the people you “help” by steering them away from what you have publically described as “excellent services that organization continues to provide”. In that vain, while NCI and I are providing excellent services, you and your he-said she-said bullshit provide merely disservice.

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6 Responses to He-said she-said bullshit

  1. Darcyblue says:

    when i read this for the first time onthe SL blogs. i was actualyl a bit fearfull. sense i have never once seen you show your teeth as such. part of me wondered if you had it in you to pose yourself in such aggressive fashion. but you where right the entire way through. in truth to answer all of your questions.
    i have never seen or heard of you ever “causeing grief” to an indivigual, company or groop(etc).
    i never seen you ever “recruit” someone into something.
    and no. i have NEVER seen you force yourself or your ideals onto others.

    which is why im glad to call you friend <3

  2. Han Held says:

    I don’t know the back-story on most of this, I’m afraid. What personally burns my ass, though, is the way that she would be willing to throw new (genuinely new) users under the bus just out of spite. You -and NCI both- do a hell of a lot for the community of Second Life, not just the new users either. I shudder to imagine where she’s dropping the newbs off at…Ahern?

    I’ve got nothing else to say so…keep fighting the good fight!

  3. The ‘NCI Matter’ was rather confusing to me. Somehow, at some point, it became more important that NCI eject people than help them, over some kind of personal thing that didn’t make much sense to me.

    Nevertheless, I was recruited. And then my fragile mind was transformed by the bright flashes of griefer particles. Before long, I was saying, “Gentlemen…” every time I addressed anyone. I did this over nine thousand times. Now I spend my days thinking up ways to make the world a stranger, more threatening place for Prokovy Neva, because I really have nothing better to do. At all.

    And it was at this point that I volunteered to do some builds and scripting for NCI, because apparently that’s the best way to frustrate the Prok.

    BTW, threads like that are the reason I don’t read the Second Life message boards.

  4. Imnotgoing Sideways says:

    It entertains me when people react to the truth in fear. (^_^)


    The most comical part is that the one truly inflammatory post I put in that thread is still there. (^_^)y

  5. kattatonia Wickentower says:

    I’m afraid I stirred up this old rats nest with my post before yours Immy, and I answered the insinuations there as well but not as passionately as you. I hated the troubles when they happened but I never thought they were your fault.
    But in case of deletions here’s my 2 cents:

    “The “trouble” was not a coup d’etat. NCI is dear to my heart since they taught me everything I know about SL. I spent my first 6 months in SL at NCI just about daily. During that time the so called troubles happened. Now I don’t wish to denigrate Carl, but the truth is, he brought it on himself. In his desire to keep NCI’s reputation pristine, he tried to force an issue of personal freedom vs. political correctness. He lost. He wasn’t forced out, rather he faced a board who were all willing to resign rather than go along with what he proposed. I call that a vote of no confidence, not a coup d’etat. The idea of NCI mentors recruiting for WU is simply preposterous.”

    I just don’t understand how well meaning, seemingly intelligent people can subscribe to such preposterous notions.

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