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So, I had a friend chime in on group chat the other day wondering where her chat-line teleport history went…

If you don’t know, it has been a feature in SL clients to leave an SLURL of where you teleported from as an aid to know where you’ve been.  It could be used to return to your prior place or even used as a time-stamp, logging when you’ve hopped over. (^_^)

But, now, it’s gone… As of SL version 3.6.10. (>_<)

I asked about it on the forum to see if anyone else knew about what was going on and eventually someone posted a reference to a maintenance Jira entry.  It followed a request to remove “long distracting messages in nearby chat”.  It was also mentioned that it was a rather small piece of code and any TPV or self compile could add it back in. (^_^)

But, that’s the thing.  It’s something that LL has been quite bad at.  The users will request something and LL delivers that something, all or nothing.  They don’t seem to take into consideration that some people still like how something works.  So, like above… What was “distracting” was probably helpful to others in one way or another. (>_<)

Remember the big blue popups of the old V1 clients?  I remember complaining about how cumbersome and distracting they were.  I remember when V2 came out, missing out on announcements and popups since they were made so small and unobtrusive that they were practically invisible. (>_<)

Here’s the thing…

When people ask for something; we’re usually asking for THE OPTION to have that something.  Now, I know that the preferences menus are already quite complex.  But, that’s not reason enough to add an option here or there.  In this case, it could have been a Chat option “Include SLURLs In Chat History” or something of the sort.  Don’t just bloody kill the thing. DX

LL almost got it right with the 3-side dockable buttons thing.  It helped my faith in their dev skills that they made something with nearly universal configurability.  But, they kinda just stopped right there.  (>_<)

Oi, Lindens… There were people who didn’t like that feature and wanted it gone, yes.  But, there were also people who liked it.  Give us the option to have one or the other without dropping the bomb on a function… (=_=)y


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