Building (Or a lack of) (>_<)

First of all; Hi Reddit peeps! =^-^=

Mkay, so, not sure if you know I have a sim.  It’s a full sim.  I put my house on one quarter, I parceled off another quarter for rentals, and I have another half that I’d really like to know what I should do with. (=_=)

It’s been bare for a long time.  Some friends put some trees out, but, I want more.  I want to hit my prim limit with something really cool.  Some ideas I got are things like a city or rebuilding Slum City again, a walk-in computer, expanding on the Privateer Space rebuild, something nautical, a haunted wood, or whatever.  (>_<)

I kind of liked the giant anchor and chained down floating islands for a while, but, those islands had horrible LI.  Plus, I want my build to be more of my work than purchased things.  That, and, I really would like to make use of the ground. (^_^)

The computer idea sounds fun, but, it would have to be a skybox project.  I sort of have what I need (circuit layout software, reference computer parts)  I would just have to figure out how to make it attractive enough to get visitors. (._.)

What would be really wicked would be a haunted Victorian mansion on a hill.  Though, I’m bad with big builds.  Not sure how well I’d be able to pull it off. (>_<)

Really, a lot of this is more due to my creative slump lately.  I somehow need to find some time off to focus on making things again.  What could I do with a half sim that would be really cool and attract visitors?  I wanna build something! (>_<)


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  1. Han Held says:

    Play with landscaping and stuff -use everything you can think of for that. and then put up stuff up high.

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