Lab Rat Shenanigans. DX

So… Jack’s office hours. (^_^)

Jack… Linden’s office hours.  (^_^)

Right? (O.o)

[11:06] Lab Rat Jack (jack.linden): Immy:)

Lab (frigg’n) Rat Jack.  (=_=)

Meh… (=_=)

So, RL Nathan Linden can’t duplicate his OWN REAL LIFE NAME in SL.  Copyright really doesn’t sell it for me.  So, I can half believe that they’re worried about people impersonating the “Linden” admins. (=_=)

But, now, we have Lab Rat Jack.  (=_=)

Yeah, I smell a frigg’n rat allright. (=_=)

So, I call shenanigans.  I think we’re obviously dealing with  some pretty darned clueless kids here.  It feels like they’re pouting and saying “You can’t play with it! It’s mine!” then turning around and saying “I dun wanna play with it anymore.” (=_=)

Sorry.  That don’t fly with me, Jacko.  Your surname is intended to be an indicator of your administrative/employee status on the grid and to cull it like that is no better than anyone out to impersonate you.  In fact, if I were to call in an alt and name it “Lab Rat Jack”, you’d have no recourse… Being that your claim for the “Linden” name is a matter of copyright… Right?  (=_=)

You can run and tell that, homeboy! (=_=)y


Why, OH WHY!?!?! Did it take a half hour for someone to point this out?

[2010/11/11 11:37]  Cummere Mayo: /me kindly but gently points to the land rating
[2010/11/11 11:37]  Cummere Mayo: g land hun… please dress
[2010/11/11 11:37]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): I’m totally dressed.  It’s a white and pink outfit. (^_^)
[2010/11/11 11:38]  Cummere Mayo: with nipples exposed…
[2010/11/11 11:38]  Immy (imnotgoing.sideways): Oh crud. DX  Wrong version since relog. DX

… Heh… (=_=)

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I'm a Second Life avatar with my own cookie jar! (^_^)y
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4 Responses to Lab Rat Shenanigans. DX

  1. Max Kleiber says:

    A half hour?

    Maybe you were just talking to adults.. who would rather pay attention to the person behind the pixels, rather than the pixels themselves.

    • Imnotgoing Sideways says:

      Quite possibly. Though, it was a General parcel. Any one of them could have AR’d me. And, of course, Jack was there and he didn’t… seem… to… mind? …. (O_o)

  2. Dale Innis says:

    Well, we know how thoughtful and aware and sensitive to Resident feelings and concerns Jack tends to be in general. :)

    “Why, OH WHY!?!?! Did it take a half hour for someone to point this out?”

    Everyone was enjoying it too much? ^_^

  3. brinda Allen says:

    Hmmmm /Me always wondered if UK boys were as stuffy as the old movie characters (re: Jack)…… and yes, I know Wales & Scotland are technically UK… but I still thank them for Richard Burton & Sean Connery!

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