A challenge of constraints (^_^)

Yes, I did turn on voice chat yesterday.  So, yuppers, I totally have that silly fuzzy dot floating over my head now.  It feels good to know that I’m getting over my anxieties like this.  My old goal of using SL to assist me in getting over my social woes is starting to work again. (^_^)

So, what I have done with this newfound confidence?  I attended an event that I’ve typically missed in the past due to the fact that the event is spoken and not typed.  I would be required to enable voice in order to actually experience it. (>_<)

^^ 100 words =^-^=

Slick, no?  Well, it helps set the tone too.   Yesterday, Crap Mariner hosted a 100 Word Stories event.  I spotted mention of it on his blog… Maybe even on Twitter, I forget. (O.o)

But, anyway… I attended, I listened, I enjoyed, and I even heckled a little bit. =^-^=

Of course, now that I’ve mentioned it, I gotta spill the beans about what I think of 100 Word Stories. (^_^)

I don’t have the full history just yet, being that I simply haven’t looked too deeply into it.  But, it’s Crap’s self challenge in writing.  The challenge to answer the questions: In One Hundred Words…

  • Can you tell a story?
  • Can you make it interesting?
  • Can you develop a character?
  • Can you make the audience feel for that character?
  • And so on..
  • And so on…

It actually winds up being a pretty wicked challenge.  Think about it; at this point right HERE, this blog post is currently 253 words.  You’ll notice that I flagged the 100 word mark… That’s one short… bloody… story! DX

And, as I observed yesterday… The results can be kinda hit-or-miss. (o.O)

But, that’s the thing! =^-^=

It’s constrained.  (^_^)

In a world of limitless possibilities, the true challenges come when we find or place our limit.  (^_^)

Another SL related example of this is the NCI Blitz Build events.  40 minutes, 40 prims, start from scratch, make it resemble the theme as announced at the start of the build.  That’s one heck of a mad-dash of prim-saver work on a concept  you gotta come up with on the fly. DX

It was my favorite event for a long time.  I did well in it.  Heck, even beat Flea Bussy once… Yeppers, Grendel’s Flea!  Wicked, no!? Xp

I think I intend on visiting both events more often as time goes by.  Both being astounding examples of how capable people can be within the constraints they gotta deal with.  (^_^)

Yes, it’s fun to color outside the lines and “think outside the box”.  I’m sure that the most inventive way of functioning.  But, how can you manage an inescapable box?  How well can you adapt when coloring inside the lines is the genuine goal? (^_^)

Oh… And…

Oi, Crap!!! I heard you’re asking for themes.  Hows about “Me“?  Have people tell a 100 word story about themselves.  Surely, not all will end in a punchline.  And, who knows?  We may land a few tear jerkers.  I think people would enjoy it.  Tell you what, scroll back up to the top and consider those first two paragraphs my initial entry.  =^-^=

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2 Responses to A challenge of constraints (^_^)

  1. “In a world of limitless possibilities, the true challenges come when we find or place our limit. (^_^)”

    Every build I do have a set of self-imposed limits. In Bay City, it’s theme, of course, but in Miramare is was making a functional space that served to educate about the area, fostered exploration, promoted Livingtree, was fun, and fit into the local surroundings — within 90 prims. at Burn2, it needs to be something I could reasonably build in the playa environment. etc. I don’t avoid real world logic” when I do these things, instead treating that as part of the fun — as in “if this were real, I would need to have this…” sort of stuff.

    More fun for me that way.

  2. brinda Allen says:

    The highest goal is self improvement… It’s my firm belief that my self inventory needs to be objective and fair, and those qualities are difficult for me to judge.

    From where I sit…you seem to be doing a pretty darn good job of your progress! =^..^=

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